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  1. VMX

    VMX Well-Known Member

    I tried the unlockr way, to use visionary to tempt root then go straight to perm root method. I did it 3 times, followed it exactly and I couldn't get s= off. It always says "insmod:init_module '/sdcard/root/wpx.ko' failed (function not implemented)" when I get to that part. I dunno if im doing it wrong? But I followed exactly what it said to do.

    What's up with this thing?

  2. Orical

    Orical Active Member

    Damn 48 views and not one reply, I got this everyone.

    You want to go here:[GUIDE] Permanent Root with Visionary/gfree (No ADB Required) - xda-developers

    "I know the thread says G2 but this applies MT4G as well, it's a basic method."

    If you need help with this let ME know and I'll help you out, there's so much information out there and though it's good info the person making the walk through forgets where they started off and how much it is to take all of it in when starting from scratch. Don't worry about all of the ADB Push information, there's a much easier way to get it done. Just PM me and I'll get you going but this isn't for people who don't want to learn, this takes time and dedication even as a user to understand what your doing and mistakes get made so knowing the information is key.
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  3. VMX

    VMX Well-Known Member

    Thanks man! Ill try this after work tonight and see it works.
  4. Orical

    Orical Active Member

    Like I said before I've used this method on a few different devices and it worked every time, I'll be around tonight so if you need help send me a PM and I'll keep checking back in.
  5. irenelee

    irenelee New Member

    Go to junefabric and click on pdanet free android app for mytouch... its quick and easy to do and does not void warrenty
  6. Orical

    Orical Active Member

    The reason most people choose Android devices is the freedom to do as you please, if you don't mind restrictions and everything else involved in provider control over customers you would just own an Iphone and call it a day.

    I can see why some people get nervous over flashing and getting into new things you don't understand but at this point you should at least take the time to understand why everyone gets into this development scene. It's for the sake of learning itself and finding something better to be involved with that will benefit you and others down the line.

    Don't be a sheep, take some time to be something more.
  7. al@w

    al@w New Member

    This one worked after every other documented method failed. Nice link.

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