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  1. Hto005

    Hto005 New Member

    Well, i have seen alot of threads like this, but none of them has given me some good answers.

    My memory stick is a stock 8 GIG, i have used approx 6 GB of the storage, and then i felt like deleting all off the songs, and put different songs in, so i went to the music player, then genre, and then deleted all of the genres (and so, all of the songs got deleted)

    Then i plugged my phone into my computer, and i saw that it was only 2 GB free of storage, like from before i deleted the songs... and on HTC sync it says that the songs are allready on my phone, which it is not.

    I went into "IO file manager" and saw that the songs were deleted in the "music" folder, and I could not understand a friggin thing... WHAT SHOULD I DO ? i know i can formate the SD, but thats so much stress, (transfering my photos from the phone into the computer, and from the computer to the phone again when I have formated...)

    so all in all: HOW do i delete all of my songs, so that I get FREE storage ?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    When it syncs, it's putting the songs back on there?
  3. Hto005

    Hto005 New Member

    No. it does not. It says it has 0.0 bytes to sync, and that i only have 2 gig left...
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I don't use the music app at all so maybe it's just deleting them from the library so they don't show and not actually deleting them from the phone. Try mounting the phone as a USB Device and deleting them via the computer.
  5. xxCourtneyxx

    xxCourtneyxx New Member

    You go onto music, and then see at the botton theres this thing that looks like three bars? press that, and then you can hold what ever artist you want to delete down, you need to hold it down and then it gives you an option like if you want to delete it. Or if you want to delete a specific song, then you click on the artist, then you hold down whatever song you want to delete and it gives you an option to delete it! Hope this helped :)
  6. slummy

    slummy New Member

    Thanks Courtney. Tried everything but. A pity its so slow though.
  7. john_g

    john_g Well-Known Member

    A few thoughts:

    Firstly, I'd not assume that deleting a genre would delete any of the songs associated with that genre - it might, but why should it? After all, genres can be defined by any name you care to invent and are merely one of many tags that are used to categorise your music.

    Secondly, do you use Locations, HTC's mapping app? By default it stores copies of maps on your SD card and these often take up a lot of room. If you aren't using them, they can be safely deleted and, should you change your mind at a later date, they can always be downloaded again.

    Thirdly, I think the best way to manage a lot of files, such as your MP3s, is to use a file manager app. The one I favour is ES File Explorer, which is a free download from the Android app store. This will let you explore what is on your SD card and, amongst other things, quickly do cutting, copying, pasting and deleting of single or multiple files. It will also let you see the properties of any directory, so you'll be able to easily see how your SD card memory is being used. If you delete files in this way, the music app should see that the music files have changed and automatically re-scan your library.

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