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How do I print on MY printer from my tablet?General

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  1. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    I have an HP 4510 wireless printer on my home PC. How do I print a document from my Asus Transformer TF300 on that printer? I'm sitting right next to it. I also have the PDF manual for the Asus, but printing doesn't seem to be addressed.



  2. HitFactor

    HitFactor Member

    You will need an app for that. I have
    printershare mobile. It doesn't get used much, but hasn't failed me.
  3. heat57

    heat57 Well-Known Member

    Printershare all the way - easiest to set up and most powerful printing tool on the market imho ;)
  4. tilk23

    tilk23 Well-Known Member

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  5. perryg114

    perryg114 Member

    Printershare does not work unless you pay through the nose $13 for the pro version. It is only free if you have one of the new e-printers. If you have a regular old printer bend over.

    The only free way to access old printers was to use Google Chrome as an interface and you have to keep it running on the PC for it to work. I have decided that it is just as easy to sync files with Google Docs or Something similar and print them from your Google account.

  6. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Well-Known Member

    There are free PDF printers apps that you can use, it might be a good substitute sometimes (and it's free).
  7. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    It is usually best to use an app from the printer manufacturer. But the printer has to be on the wireless network. It does not have to be wireless itself. I print to my Brother printer which is networked via its Ethernet cable to my wireless router and it works fine using the Brother app. I can even scan using it.

    The alternative I use is Printbot which worked OK with my daughter's Canon printer.
  8. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the advice. It's working now thanks to a new app.
  9. jalan94

    jalan94 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it is compatible with your specific printer but I use Google Cloud Print and it works great. You don't even need to be on the same network. I can print at home from anywhere in the world.
  10. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    care to share what your solution was?
  11. freddyzdead

    freddyzdead New Member

    Don't you hate it when someone finds a solution, but can't be bothered to tell everybody what it was?
  12. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    LMAO...... Hell Yes! :D
  13. johnwnz

    johnwnz New Member

    Purely FYI the Brother app works fine for my Transformer to my WiFi Brother MFC
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  14. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thanks. I may have to give it a try if i ever need to print from my tablet.
  15. heat57

    heat57 Well-Known Member

    I have tried most printing apps on Play Store and one thing is for sure, you'll only get useful printing apps that cost you money, everything else is useless. I have now settled on Printhand, which is not free but you can try the Free version for a test before you commit to buying. It really does what it says on the tin and works seamlessly with my HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus over WiFi direct and through my wireless rooter. Its also easy to set up, but it's not cheap, however, I am prepared to pay for the best available. You make your own choices.

    Here is a link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dynamixsoftware.printhand
  16. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    Oops, sorry, that was me. One of the reasons I didn't reply is that the app (can't remember the name) didn't work so well after all, and I had deleted it by the time I saw the replies. I gave up in the end.

    Again, I apologize.
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  17. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Lol. Hey, at least you finally came back and let us know it didn't work. :D:thumbup:
  18. anarchaoz

    anarchaoz New Member

    Clous print works fine for me on my cheap walmart printer/scanner. I also found an HP app that lets me scan on my phone/tablet
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  19. ohjer01

    ohjer01 New Member

  20. benak

    benak New Member

    Sometimes I sit in my truck on the jobsite wanting to print my report from my tablet and daydream of someday actually printing from my tablet to any printer I might have sitting on my back seat! But until then, I plug my printer power cord to my power converter and then plug my USB printer cable to my Windows laptop and print away!!

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