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How do I print using a stand alone printer?General

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  1. propbuilder

    propbuilder New Member

    I just got my Le Pan tablet and would like to know if anyone has set up a printer, either using wifi or bluetooth?
    Thanks for any help :)


  2. billday120373

    billday120373 Member

    I havea cannon mp470 from walmart an used a $10 bluetooth usb dongle from cellphoneshop.net to connect to it an print pics. Havenot tried tezt printing or any wifi type printers
  3. darelian

    darelian Member

    I have successfully used Printbot to print to a wireless HP Photosmart C4795 printer. I used it on my phone (HTC Inspire) and then tried it on a Le Pan TC 970 ... Worked great. Printbot available as free or paid pro version on android marketplace. On my my phone, it had trouble seeing the printger so had to manually enter IP address but on Le Pan, found printer immediately and works great.
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  4. propbuilder

    propbuilder New Member

    Thanks darelian for the information.

    Question: Is printbot unlimited printing and if you are printing using wifi, are you using up banwidth? I guess you would be if you are using a print application. I occationally have to print photos and needed a quick and simple way. I suppose I will have to get an inexpensive computer/printer (download the printer program), then run the cable from the LePan to the computer. Thanks for the input :)
  5. darelian

    darelian Member

    I believe it is unlimited or at least I haven't hit any limitations. With regard to bandwidth, depends on what you are printing. So far it's pretty quick with no significant impact on other WiFi users/services. Not sure how/if you can connect a printer to a Le Pan (or any other tablet) using a cable .. I think you're stuck with WiFi. The only option is utilize a printer attached to another PC if you don't have a WiFi enabled printer.
  6. Torchwood5

    Torchwood5 New Member

    I have used google cloud print to print from my TC to my lazer connected to my main setup and it works great. If you have a wifi printer and download cloud print (free in market) you can set it up either way.
  7. Cendecon

    Cendecon New Member

    I have an HP 100 mobile printer and I'm wondering if I get a Le Pan, will I be able to print? The HP has bluetooth printing capability but not wifi from what I can tell.

    Will the Le Pan support this?

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