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  1. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    Sorry i just came from the iPhone i have seen the light of Android but i am struggling with getting media from pc-phone.

    I've tried Kies but it just seems so bloody complicated, i've looked at my phone from my computer and there are various folders but none it seems for media?

    Sorry for probably a basic question be gentle with the flames :(

  2. Geryatrix

    Geryatrix Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem, so I used mass storage mode and added two new folders to the SD card, internal as I haven't received my ext. one yet, the first folder I called Music and the second I called Video.

    I then moved music and video into these folders, and tested and everything worked.

    I accept that there may be a better way as I'm just learning, but it worked for me.
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  3. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    You can simply create any folder and have all of your MP3s on and the media player will pick up the music, easy peasy!

    Tip: if you have ringtones or non music audio that you don't want the media player to pick up, in whatever folder the non music files are in, save a note call '.nomedia' in it
  4. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    I've actually downloaded something called Doubletwist it looks exactly like itunes and scans my entire itunes libary and detects my device when i connect via USB.

    Once its fully scanned i'll give it a shot at transfering files.
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  5. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    Now having trouble putting album artwork onto the thing heh ;/
  6. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    You can try iSyncr, it seems to be really good at getting album arts. I don't use it, but these posts were from another thread of people who have:

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  7. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    is that a marketplace app or an internet download? sorry for the questions but i really appreciate your help.
  8. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

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  9. mIQ Live

    mIQ Live Well-Known Member

    There is a pretty cool app called Awesome Drop!

    This is the easiest way to get any file onto your phone, no account, no plugging in, no fee.

    Just download the app and go to the website to drop files which immediately load on your phone... Not suggested for huge files but great for music, pics, or smaller files.
  10. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

  11. r@nd0m

    r@nd0m Member

    I am on a mac and I use Salling Media Sync. Can sync, music [playlists], podcasts and photos. Tried doubletwist but do not need the double up functionality that I get from iTunes.
  12. SuperAkuma

    SuperAkuma Well-Known Member

    I just tried salling media sync and I can't sync the playlist. I am able to sync the songs in the phone but when I go to "playlist" on the default player it does not show up.

    Any help here?

    The same thing happened when I used double twist.
  13. Mark_H

    Mark_H Well-Known Member

    Also try Album Art Grabber from the Market - works perfectly - picked up all my albums including some obscure stuff!
  14. psychocandy

    psychocandy Well-Known Member

    Anyone else think Kies is crap and doesnt work?
  15. anfearg

    anfearg Member

    I installed Kies just to get the drivers, after that did a sync with Windows Media Player and it transferred everything i selected and the album art too... Easiest way i found
  16. ogami_ito

    ogami_ito Active Member

    I read this thread and others and then downloaded itunes agent

    iTunes Agent

    Seems to work well. I guess I can use windows media... I feel pretty neutral about both itunes and WM, but as I just got my phone like you, I want to sync it quick and easy and use the same systems (itunes) that I was using for my iphone.
  17. ogami_ito

    ogami_ito Active Member

    BTW does not sync artwork, so if this is important, then itunes agent is not for you. I'm going to experiment with windows media after I get other things settled.
  18. mttfrog13

    mttfrog13 Well-Known Member

    That's a great tip. I wonder if that works across all android phones and different music players? I'll give it a try.
  19. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Yup, it's an Android tip :D
  20. AJPTransport

    AJPTransport Active Member

    OK so how do you get around that stupid file lock Itunes has, since half of my songs require it too be upgraded to itunes plus.
  21. columbia1776

    columbia1776 New Member

    I don't use any sync software. Just use mass storage mode and copy my media files to it. No problems and I find it easier than iPhone.
  22. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member


    That is definitely the best way for people who actually take time to make their music library tidy, embed artwork, put correct tags.. Most people are to lazy to do that, and then they ask "where is my artwork?".
  23. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded Media Monkey yestrday to capture artwork that I didnt have, hope it works.
  24. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

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