how do i re-install google talk onto my htc hero?

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  1. jamietuffen

    jamietuffen Member

    I have recently rooted my phone and deleted google talk app as it was never used (wow how wrong was i) i have just found out that its needed to install apps from the market place. is there a way to re-install the google talk app? I hope so. Lol

  2. lennyjew

    lennyjew Well-Known Member

    here's the google talk apk from my phone. try installing in with a file manager like astro.

    I'm not entirely sure it'll let you install it that way. If you have root explorer you could just copy the talk.apk file to /system/app and change the permissions to match the other apps (all of the first column checked and row one of the second column checked.

    If not you'll have to use adb to push it to /system/app

    For future reference, some apps are integrated together like google talk is. There should be a list of apps that are safe to remove just google it.

    Next time, before you start deleting apps, make a nand backup in recovery just in case.

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  3. jamietuffen

    jamietuffen Member

    what is adb? i did everything you said to do. i downloaded the attachment, saved it to me sd card. then moved it to systems/apps and then changed the permissions to what you said. but when i try and install it, it says parse error. there is a problem parsing the package?
  4. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Restore your nandroid;)
  5. jamietuffen

    jamietuffen Member

    how do i restore my nandroid?
  6. jamietuffen

    jamietuffen Member

    nope its ok. my apps are downloading again thank god. lol. thank you for your help :)

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