how do i REALLY delete things off my phone?

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  1. erry

    erry Well-Known Member

    yesterday i stupidly installed soundcloud on my HTC desire and it took my amount of free space down to 10 mb's from around the 15 mb mark- and caused my phone to endlessly reboot itself over and over- so i attempted to delete it in the normal way-- and it has now gone from my apps list-- but my amount of free space has now remained at 10 mb's and i can't find a way of getting rid of it--

    even though i have attached the phone to my computer as a disk drive-- and gone in to the files and found it and deleted it there, but when i was in there i also found acouple of other apps that i though i had removed-- and have also tried to clear the cache's using the appstosd app

    anyone got any suggestions?-- cheers in advance

    i find it annoying that i have to try to set my freespace at around the 15mb mark- because i find that if it drops below that i get the warning message on my top bar-- and it won't allow my other apps to update properly

    is there a quick way of getting rid of all the half broken programmes that are left even after you remove them

  2. kewlbuddy

    kewlbuddy Well-Known Member

    try accleaner for clearing cache
  3. erry

    erry Well-Known Member

    Cheers, I just installed that but it doesn't seem to do anymore than the 'clear cache' option on the apps2sd app
  4. kewlbuddy

    kewlbuddy Well-Known Member

  5. erry

    erry Well-Known Member

    unfortunately my phone isn't rooted- i don't think i'm technically minded enough to do that
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Have you rebooted the phone since the endless reboot loop / uninstall to check memory hasn't come back?

    I tend to clear caches with accleaner as mentioned above (which is very good at that). I also use "uninstaller" to uninstall apps if I cannot successfully do it via the market.

    I know installing uninstaller can be tricky given your current space, but if you can, it may be worth looking into.
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  7. erry

    erry Well-Known Member

    yeh, i've re-booted a couple of times-

    eventually i reinstalled the app again- and then uninstalled it- and it appears to have dragged out the stuff that was left behind -- so i think its fixed!

    cheers for everyones help!
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  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Cool. Guess it just didnt uninstall properly.

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