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How do I remove carrier iq software

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  1. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    I'm rooted and running mik froyo if it makes a difference.

  2. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Hortstu, where you been buddy! Been a long time.:D

    Most of the newer roms have all of that junk pulled out.

    You obviously like Mik roms, you need to try MikG something fierce.

    You can find a link in this thread:


    There's also an app on the marker by TrevE that will remove it. It does cost $1, but it supports Trevor, the guy who found the code in the first place.
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  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I'd also suggest "upgrading" to MikG. Its got some new bells and whistles that froyo is missing.
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  4. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    I'd say keep froyo for the retro vibe, I've been thinking about migrating back to myn's warm 2.2 ;)

    I probably won't though... maybe a newer rom (gb) would be fun for you? :D
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  5. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    I guess it'd time for a rom upgrade, but no matter how much i try I always lose something that I really wanted to save.
  6. XikkeN

    XikkeN Well-Known Member

    MIUI or Cyanogen as AOSP is the safest way to go.
  7. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    As much as I like those roms (on CM now), those roms actually have the rare chance of creating bootloop issues (as seen in other threads). No one's really sure if it's the roms or just a strange software issue...

    Could try MikG, anything from Myn (fan from the 2.2 days ;) ) and I did OMGB and OMFGB for a while. Both are pure AOSP roms, nice too.
  8. ForbodingAngel

    ForbodingAngel Well-Known Member

    Mik roms already pull all that crap out.
  9. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    ^ but do the old 2.2 mik roms? I would guess they do, but as this (CIQ) was really brought up in the past week it might still be in there.

    I'm not familiar enough with mik roms to know 100% about this.
  10. JustSomeDude

    JustSomeDude Well-Known Member

    Definitely removed from MikG many versions ago, and looks like it was at least discussed as far back as mikfroyo (2.2). There is discussion about CIQ removal from MikG in this thread and the discussion about it's removal from Mikfroyo is in this thread.
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  11. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    I think aamikam was removing all of that junk from the beginning. Not sure if anyone realized what it was for, just that it didn't break anything once removed.
    That's one of the steps the devs use to "slim" the roms down. They remove anything that's not essential, ie: doesn't break anything once they remove it. It lowers the footprint of the Rom and cuts down processes to boost performance.
    I can open an old copy of mik froyo with 7zip and see if any of that junk is in there. Won't be until tonight or tomorrow, sorry, still at work.
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  12. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    I just used the lookout app last night to see if iq was in mik froyo and lookout said it was. That's why I came here and started this thread.
  13. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Oooooh, ok.

    Dood, boot to recovery and make a nandroid of your setup.


    Try it out, I'm tellin ya, you'll like it. If not just restore your nandroid and we'll look into getting mik froyo cleaned out for you. ;)
  14. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    I'm sure I'll like MIKG. It's just that there's a few apps that I make use of on a daily basis and I can't risk losing the data, or worse yet, having it and not knowing how to restore it. It's going to take me a few days to make the time to back everything up and be sure I can restore it.

    In the meantime here's what I did. After reading the first few pages of the thread that just some dude posted, thank you by the way, I started experimenting.

    I used titanium backup to freeze 2 of the 3 apps that were mentioned on the first page. I couldn't find anything in the titanium directory that resembled the 3rd.

    So I tried that. Lookout said I still had carrier iq. So then I backed them up and deleted them. Then I lost service. Then I tried restoring the backups which didn't work. Then I panicked. Then I rebooted the device. I had service again. Checked lookout and still had carrier IQ. I tried freezing "htc future dial" because it had the same icon as the other carrier IQ apps but it didn't change the lookout result but hasn't had any detrimental effects that I've noticed yet either so I haven't thawed it. If anyone thinks I need to thaw it please let me know why.

    Next step is installing MIKG but that takes prep that I don't have time for yet.

    Thanks for all the interest and help.
  15. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    just use tb to backup your apps and data. and then use sms backup to backup your texts. and flash away. also do not forget to make a nandroid backup before doing so.
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  16. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Edit: Man I'm like Ocn's shadow today, lol!!

    Thanks Ocn, I forgot about sms backup or my backup root for texts and call history etc.

    This is why we stress nandroid backups!! ;)

    No worries, if worse came to worse, we could just boot to recovery, wipe cache and dalvik cache and just flash the rom over. If you don't wipe data all of your stuff would still be there.

    Titanium is the best way to keep your stuff, apps etc hands down in my honest opinion. Just back up each app you want to keep prior to wiping, then after your new rom is up and running, download titanium from the market and restore your apps. Easy peezy :D

    Let us know when you're ready, we'll be here to help if you get stuck. :)
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  17. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    I've had trouble with tb before. For example today I supposedly backed up those IQ apps and then when I tried to restore them tb just told me they were being restored but never finished the process. I had to force quit tb.

    THis is from the link posted by "just some dude."

    I did "update 1."
    But carrier IQ app said I still had the software so I explained how I supposedly removed them with tb but when I did "update" 2 they were still there...

    Then did "update 2"

    I haven't done update 3 or 4 yet because I don't quite understand what to do with 3... maybe I'm supposed to create that file and add those lines?

    ...and I haven't done 4 because I haven't motivated enough to feel like typing all that.

    Thanks again for all the input...Oh and granite I've been around and posting. I have at least 1 or 2 unresolved threads if you haven't seen them.
  18. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Actually I have been posting to both of these threads. I just hadn't seen you around in a little while, maybe im losing it! Cant remember anything anymore, lol. :D
  19. JustSomeDude

    JustSomeDude Well-Known Member

    That all does seem like quite a bit of work... so instead I'd really like to try, like others here, and steer you to upgrade to MikG. :) If you're really worried about your app data, back those apps up with both titanium and MyBackUp Root just in case (you can always delete the extra backups later), nandroid your current setup, and flash MikG (I'd recommend v3 - read the OP here). I've never had a problem restoring the data from the few apps I want to (a few games and folder organizer) -- just, as I'm sure you know, stay away from restoring system apps and/or system data, and you'll be fine.

    Seriously, it will be a lot less headache than trying to go through all that with Mikfroyo... MikG is fast, uber-stable, and Mik dug DEEP to rip as much of that CIQ stuff out as possible. Just go for it.

    And then if you just HAVE to have a Sense 1.0 rom, I'd definitely recommend Tommy's Classic v0.0.5 b3 (again, UBER-stable). :)

    I just re-read your post, and see I missed one of your concerns with TB -- I see you were having trouble restoring the IQ apps. Not sure why you wanted to restore them, but they are system data, which I would think could cause more problems than just downloaded apps.
  20. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    I tried to restore because after the delete I had no phone service. I was trying to restore them in a panic. When that didn't work I ended up rebooting and clearing the caches and everything was AOK.

    I know I could probably find this with a quick search but if anyones reading this and has an easy way to save my "bookmarks" or internet favorites I'd appreciate it.
  21. JustSomeDude

    JustSomeDude Well-Known Member

    I use MybackUp Root to save my bookmarks (as well as alarms and dictionary, and sometimes SMS+MMS, but nothing else). Hasn't failed me yet, and I'm a serious flashaholic.

    Also, for SMS/MMS, I always use SMS Backup+ so they're all archived under an "SMS" label in my gmail.
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  22. JustSomeDude

    JustSomeDude Well-Known Member

    Oh, one more thing: you may already know this, but just in case you're feeling rusty, after backing everything up with MybackupRoot and TB, here's a really complete guide to flashing a new rom. :)
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  23. mariposa21

    mariposa21 Member

    How do I remove it from an HTC EVO 3d? I tried Eckharts latest download, but my Sprint phone stops it with some kind of parse error.
  24. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    The easiest way that I have found to remove that junk is to flash a custom Rom with it removed by the dev.

    Ocnbrz has a 3vo, hopefully he'll chime in with more details about roms for your phone. I'm currently on my OG evo so I can't really link you to any roms. Sorry. :(

    Hang tight, we'll get you pointed in the right direction. ;)
  25. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    I don't know where it is exactly, but I saw a link that had a lot of files related to CIQ, and if you could find that, then issuing this command

    Code (Text):
    2. cd /
    3. ls -R | grep "iq" # finds all instances of "iq" in the file name,
    4. #that way you'll know what files you still have to get rid of .
    After that just delete them or use rm.
    Code (Text):
    2. find . -type f -name "CIQ" -exec rm -f {} \;
    3. # will find and remove all files with 'CIQ' in the name...
    4. find . -type f -name "*iq" -exec rm -f {} \;
    5. #same but with 'iq'
    Also I don't know if that'll work, I'd need to look at a list of *every file* to see if there were conflicts with legitimate files.... Looks like it'd be much easier just flash a rom lol. Also, if you do that code above and it wrecks something, sorry. Should have nandroid'd before right? ;)

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