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How do i remove current account attached to phone?

  1. S3HELP

    S3HELP Guest

    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 on Craigslist. When i tried to activate it at Best Buy, they said the phone was not able to activate under my name because it is still under an account. Please help. Not sure what to do. I want to know if there's any way i can remove the current owner and register the phone in my name. unfortunately, the seller isn't being responsive and it seems a little sketchy but i LOVE this phone and would like to activate it. Please help!

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    It does seem sketchy, not just a little. The current owner (the guy who ""sold" you the phone) has to notify his carrier to remove the phone from his account. Report this to the police, so at least there's a record. Then, when he reports the phone stolen (that's the scheme it sounds like - he reports it stolen, gets the replacement cost for the phone, maybe adds a few dollars and gets an S4 or Note 3 practically free), the police can explain what "insurance fraud" means, and how many years your particular state gives you free room and board for it, and he can notify the carrier to take the phone off his account.

    Then you have a great civil case against him for the retail price of the S3, the retail price of the phone you had to buy to replace it, your time, trouble, pain, suffering and anything else you can pile on - oh, and the fee of the most expensive attorney you can find who's licensed to practice in your state. (If his office is in the Wall Street area of NYC, your "seller" will probably lose his car(s), house, a large percentage of his future income ...)

    I'm not kidding. Insurance fraud is why it costs over $200 (figure the monthly cost over 2 years) to insure a phone worth $300 against theft. The insurance companies just love documented fraud cases - they spend 5 seconds in court dropping the documents and walk out with a won case. The cops get a win. You get profit (if you want it - you can just take the money it actually cost you if you're that scrupulously honest) and the inmates get a new fish to fry. It's a win-win all the way around. (Except for the thief, of course.)

    This is one reason one should NEVER buy a phone from Craig's list (I wish they'd stop allowing cellphone listings - they're virtually asking people to commit crimes) but, if you do, at least get a NOTARIZED bill of sale, listing the IMEI of the phone, before you hand over any money. Yes, you have to go to the notary,and yes you have to pay a few bucks if your bank doesn't have a notary working for them [most do, and they'll notarize statements for customers for free], but an honest seller wouldn't have a problem with that, and someone who refuses, or accuses you of accusing him of being dishonest (you're actually keeping him honest), or tries to kid you out of it ... I'd notify his local beat cop. You're telling him that he has a thief living in his beat.

    My store was a few doors down from my bank, and I had a drawer full of printed bills of sale for phones ready to fill out and walk to the bank any time anyone wanted to sell me a phone - and the cellphone numbers and tour schedules of the cops who covered the area the store was in. Oh, and I had them call the carrier and remove the IMEI from their account with the check in my hand, but before I handed it over. I didn't cheat my customers, and I didn't let anyone cheat me.
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