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  1. nogloww

    nogloww Member

    I have installed other live wallpapers, moved it to system/app and removed every stock live wallpaper apk I could find, and yet every time I boot up, my wallpaper is back to one of the stock papers. I'm having the same problem with the locker. Currently I'm running Kindle Fire 6.22 rooted with GO Launcher (I don't have recovery so I cant flash a new ROM). Is there something I'm overlooking?

  2. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Well-Known Member

    Here's how to make your wallpaper stick. Go into data/data/**/files and long press on wallpaper and select permissions. They should currently be: Owner XXX Group XOX Other XOX. To make the wallpaper stick change them to: Owner XOX Group XOX Other OOO. Then just back out, the only thing is when you want to change wallpapers you need to go back in and change it to the original permissions, then just change them back once your done.
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  3. nogloww

    nogloww Member

    Is there a similar way to change the locker, too?

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