How do I resize background to fill whole screen?

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  1. edojones

    edojones Member

    I have my app displaying a bitmap (.png) on the background with layout_width="fill_parent"

    on a RelativeLayout which displays fine on my HTC Desire. However when I load my app onto my 8 inch Hiapad the bitmap stays the same size and I get a big black border around the left, right and bottom of the screen even when I resize the image. How do I get it to fill the whole screen?


    Ed Jones

  2. pietjuhhh1990

    pietjuhhh1990 Well-Known Member

    Set the margin and padding to 0 hard coded and use match_parrent not fill_parent ;)
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  3. edojones

    edojones Member

    Thanks pietjuhhh1990 for the quick response - yep that does the trick thanks!
  4. pietjuhhh1990

    pietjuhhh1990 Well-Known Member

    Your welcome ;)

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