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how do i root my GINGERBREAD z?

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  1. emaayan

    emaayan Member

    hi, after just getting the gingerbread Z update from HTC (which "just" happened after i email them with "what's going on with it", and they asked my software version, then after a few days randomly checking my updates, i got it).

    anywho, i saw the rooting guides here but i'm not sure they are fitted for gingerbreaded z, , so after i've upgraded and so far is everything is fine, i would like to root it inorder to remove stock apps and get my hebrew bidi layout correctly (it's espcially annyoing when you recive the montly credit card billing info and realize that the sum of 71021 is actually 12071!!!)

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator


    It doesn't appear that the latest update is any more rootable than the earlier ones.

    However it's possible to gain a temp-root in order to downgrade the firmware to the original release version, which can then be perm-rooted. There's a guide topic over at XDA here, which should be read in conjunction with the Vision Wiki as much of the procedure appears similar.
  3. emaayan

    emaayan Member

    Are you saying gingerbread cannot be rooted? At all?
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    An exploit that allows permanent root hasn't yet been discovered. In this respect it's no different to the 1.72/1.82 firmware updates for Android 2.2; the way round it is to downgrade, root then flash a modded version of 2.3.3 such as Virtuous Sense V2.0.

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