How do I save all contacts to Google rather than SIM or SD??

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  1. jayzz

    jayzz New Member

    90% of my phone contacts are saved to SIM, I want them all saved primarily to Google in my phone so they're all synced with my Google contacts on my computer.

    I've tried but just cant figure it out. How can I save them all in bulk to Google?

  2. enemi

    enemi Active Member

    Bump as I'm interested in this topic too. ;o

    3/4 of my contacts on my phone are saved as SIM..
    And I'm in the same situation with OP where we're trying to convert the SIM contacts to Google contacts.

    Help would be appreciated!
  3. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    From HTC's website,

    EDIT: Oh and make sure you have the phone set to sync contacts with google too :)
  4. New Member

    First click on contacts
    >> them OPEN THE HIDE MENU >>
    click >>> more
    >> sim manager >> import contacts from sim <<<

    on menu you have more options to Tanks..
  5. varce

    varce New Member

    how do I save contacts to sim from phone or do I have to save one by one

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