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How do i save application installation files when i download them from market?General

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  1. zvoneeeee

    zvoneeeee New Member

    Whenever i download app from my market, i can see, in my notification bar, process "downloading"
    i was wondering can i keep that (usually .apk) file needed to install app, or does it go to some temporary memory (such as RAM on PC) ? :confused:
    thx for help :) :)

  2. vk77

    vk77 New Member

    U cant keep .apk files :( but dont worry i've solution for it download Astro Filemanager..............
    after downloading it.. install n enter in the app press option button der is option named tools, click on it.. n nw u will see Application Manager /Backup go inside, select which apps .apk file u want after clicking press on backup...... N here u go

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