How do I save my apps to my SD card?

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  1. Mstjp6000

    Mstjp6000 Member

    Hi all. I was wondering can someone please tell me how to do this. When I download apps some of them save to the sd card and some of them save to the phone and because the phone memory is quite low it is now all full up and when I go into settings> application> manage applications and clicl on the app I want to move the button is there 'move to SD' but it is not highlighted so it wont let me press it. I dont understand. Ive tried everything. Searched the internet. Tried the app 'appstosd' that doesnt work. And ive even phoned my network provider and told them the problem, they thought it was a fault and sent me a new handset but the problem is still the same.

    If anyone had any information what so ever that would be great thanks..


  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

  3. Powerpak786

    Powerpak786 Member

    Hey there try manage applications and from there scroll down and click on application now go down and select move to Sd card.
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Dude everyone knows that. :p
    This method is not for those apps that can be moved by just clicking 'Move to SD'. Its for those which cannot be moved with this standard method.
    And there are lots of apps that need force to be moved. Still some part of these apps gets left behind in the internal memory.

    Its a big headache, specially when you have a device with such low internal memory and the market is full of apps that want to stay on the internal memory.:p
  5. Bakuron

    Bakuron Well-Known Member

    Why didn't Apps2SD work?

    I'm asuming that because you posted in the root subforum that you have rooted your phone as such, try here: [Guide] REAL guide for FULL Apps2SD using Clockwork. - xda-developers
  6. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Probably because he didn't install the app2sd script properly. Its working for everyone, the problem is not with the application.
  7. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Well-Known Member

    Mount system and data before flashing the script

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