How do I set my home and lock screen wallpaper to be the same with a third-party app?Support

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  1. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    I think I had this option when I used the default TouchWiz launcher, but now I'm using Nova Launcher and when I try to change my wallpaper, there's no longer an option to do it together with the lock screen wallpaper.

    The only place they are together is in the Display settings, but the only options are Gallery, Wallpaper, and Live Wallpaper. Why can't I use a third-party app to change the lock screen wallpaper? I think I was able to do this before I used Nova Launcher.

  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    The gallery still works the same way, so you can select your preferred image and from setting, set as lock screen & wallpaper.
    Of course, given you are not scrolling wall in Nova. Otherwise you will have to set it individually, from gallery for lock, and from Nova for wall.
  3. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    But I don't want to use the Gallery app, I want to use an app I have downloaded from the Play Store.
  4. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    Well, if the app doesn't come with such feature, it doesn't come. While I can provide an alternate solution, I can't make the app do what you want.

    I suggest your take it to Nova's forum, and place a feature request, as it is a specific app limitation, not Samsung S4 related, in particular.

    From my experience using Nova Prime for fairly long time, they do listen to users, if certain request of features get a lot of attention or similar requests. Try, who knows, it might come with next update.

  5. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    Thank you. But is it really just a Nova issue if I can't even access the wallpaper app from the Settings menu? Settings > Display > Wallpaper and then there are three choices: Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Home and Lock Screen (combined).

    Each of these offers different options. Only Home Screen offers the app in question, but it doesn't offer the Travel wallpaper option, which is built-in. Only the Lock Screen option has this.

    So it seems like there IS a difference between assigning wallpapers to each place. The only things they have in common are the Gallery and the default Wallpapers, but then each has their own individual choices as well (third party, Travel, Nova, etc.)
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    But that's the system settings menu, not the Nova menu, so I don't think this is a Nova feature.
  7. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    The reason I thought it was a Nova issue is because with TouchWiz I used to be able to long press on the home screen and I then had the option to change both the Home and Lock screens simultaneously. With Nova, that option no longer appears when long pressing the home screen.

    But you're right. I'm now going into the system settings to access the wallpaper change option, and I still don't have an option to use the third party app (or the Travel option) when I choose "Home and Lock Screen" together.

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