How do I sign out of Google Hangouts?

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  1. drdnaught1

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    I want to appear invisible on Hangouts. On my PC, it keeps telling me that I am signed in somewhere else and thus cannot appear invisible. The only other device I use for that is my phone, and in the past all I had to do was sign out of Hangouts on my phone and problem solved. Now, signing out of Hangouts on my phone doesn't fix the problem. Could there be something that's causing Hangouts to auto-sign-in on my phone even after I log out?

  2. Do you use Google Chrome? I had a similar problem. When I started using Google Hangouts, it made me connect my account to google chrome, check google chrome settings and see it there's some sort of connection somewhere. For me it wasn't in the setting area, but the button you click on the top right of google, the one with the 3 lines above each other, or the wrench.

    I think you have to revoke access to it on Chrome or something like that. Hope that helps. :)
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  3. drdnaught1

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    Yes, I'm using Chrome. That sure isn't a very obvious solution, but it worked once I signed out of my Google account on both my PC and my phone Chrome browsers. Thanks so much, I would not have thought of that.
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    If you go into your Gmail account the bottom left on PC clicking on your portrait will give you the option to sign out of Hangouts.

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