how do i start Android app development

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  1. siddharth24

    siddharth24 New Member

    Hi, I am just outta high school & i was wondering what it's like to be an android app developer....
    I wanted to know what all things i need to do before getting started ?

  2. Jsin

    Jsin Member

    It depends, what do you know about programming?
  3. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    Doesn't take much, all you really need are basic XML and Java skills with some patience. If you'd like some simple sample apps I'd be happy to share some as long as you keep them opensource for others to learn from.
  4. StevenHu

    StevenHu Well-Known Member

    The easiest way is to learn HTML and CSS, which is how web pages are made. Once you can create web pages, then you can put them in an Android app using Eclipse. Get back to us once you've made a few HTML pages linked together and we'll help further.
  5. AndreasWalsh

    AndreasWalsh New Member

    I never saw a platform supported with so many good programming books. I'd recommend getting a good book like "Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach" or "Beginning Android Application Development" or "Android Application Development for Dummies." I imagine you have to have some Java first.

    And then like someone else suggested, you can go the Javascript/HTML route, but I'm not a giant fan of Javascript myself.

    As a beginner myself, programming Android strikes me as a complex undertaking, but that's the challenge.

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