How do I stop the lag on Temple Run on my Nexus 7Support

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  1. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    The first few times I played the game it was running well but there is a very annoying lag that makes the game very difficult to play. I don't remember updating the game at any moment. Is anyone else experiencing this? How do I make it stop?

  2. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Good chance you've got too many background apps running / not much free memory. Temple run never lags on my evo 3d
  3. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    Not really I have almost 500 mb of memory free. I should not be having this lag.
  4. Staggers

    Staggers Well-Known Member

    Temple Run runs flawlessly on my N7. Are you running stock or a custom ROM?
  5. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    I did a hard reset and downloaded temple run and now it is running OK. I noticed YouTube and scrolling any nations were having the same lag. I think it could have been because I had side loaded a couple applications that were not on the play store.

    For some reason it says that amazon mobile is not compatible with this device. That is really weird.
  6. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    500mb free and a lag just seems odd even with side loaded apps hell half the time I have 150/200 free on my 3d and still runs very smoothly
  7. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    Actually a couple of hours later the stuttering came back and it affected Youtube, Netflix, and Temple run. I decided to do some searching on Google and found i was not the only one this was happening too. It turned out you had to settings and under developer options you checked the box that said "disable HW overlays" and the whole problem went away. Very strange but it did the trick.

    Now i am on the process of fixing the screen because i dropped yesterday and it is cracked. Amazingly it is still working properly. :confused:

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