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  1. _-Jay-_

    _-Jay-_ Well-Known Member

    Since we bought my wife's mopho used, she gets spam ads that are sent to her phone automatically. They show up as a star or plus sign in her status bar and when you click it on the notification pulldown it opens up her browser. Any ideas what could be causing them to POP up? We've never gotten them on any other android we've owned.

  2. KB1616

    KB1616 Well-Known Member

    Weird, I never had any spam ads come up. What apps do you have installed? I would root the phone, and download some adblocker...

    Or you could wipe the phone completely and start fresh...
  3. _-Jay-_

    _-Jay-_ Well-Known Member

    Her phone is rooted. When i look through the 3rd party apps that are installed, nothing looks out of the ordinary.
  4. Skrillex

    Skrillex Well-Known Member

    Download an adblocker for root, it will block almost 100% of ads. My wife's Nexus S gets the same type of annoying ads since my little boy downloads all these free games. I doubt you'll be able to get rid of them.
  5. Kevets

    Kevets Member

    There is a thread in the Photon area at in which someone had the same problem and found it was caused by some app. A quick uninstall and the problem was gone. Maybe try over there... I'll see if I can dig it up.
  6. tiny2nz

    tiny2nz Well-Known Member

  7. _-Jay-_

    _-Jay-_ Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the airpush detector and It detected something right away named purple hearts live wallpaper. I uninstalled it so i'll let you know if it.happens again. Thanks for the help
  8. tiny2nz

    tiny2nz Well-Known Member

    no problem a LOT of LWP have Airpush kinda suxx IMHO
  9. mikey78

    mikey78 Member

    download air push detector from the market like they said and it will tell u what app iss allowing the 3rd party advertising!;)
  10. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Well-Known Member

    Addons Detector works well too for identifying rogue push apps, it's what I use. In general, be mindful of free apps that do not include banner ads; they are the most likely culprits for these push ad services.

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