How do I stop unwanted automatic app updates

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  1. Squeakymouse

    Squeakymouse New Member

    I have a HTC desire. The Google Maps, Gmail and voice search apps have recently been updated but I don't want these updates as they take up too much memory and can't be moved to SD.

    I keep unselecting "allow automatic updates" in Google Market but it keeps re-selecting itself to allow automatic updates. Now every time I connect via Wifi or 3G the updates automatically try to download themselves. This uses up all the memory on my phone and uses up my contract monthly 3G allowance costing me

  2. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    It hasn't been my experience to see those apps toggle themselves for automatic download, but I believe you have the option to uninstall the updates; if nothing else, that should allow you to gain done storage back. Also, I don't think Google will follow your logic with their proprietary apps. You'd be better off going to the dev page for each one that continues to auto download and lodging a complaint
  3. Squeakymouse

    Squeakymouse New Member


    Thanks, I have tried uninstalling the updates and turning off automatic updates for the apps I don't want but auto updates keeps turning itself back on and the offending apps start automatically downloading again as soon as I get a wifi / data connection. Do you have any other suggestions?
  4. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Have you tried clearing the data for the market? If you go into your settings and view the ALL tab so you can see the ones that came with the phone, you can clear the data and log in fresh. If that doesn't work, you may want to post this in the thread for your model of phone to see if there's something unique to it that you could try. If not, I think you're options are to either take it to your carrier to see if they'll replace it, or root the handset (at your own risk) and try another ROM.
  5. MrsSmudge

    MrsSmudge New Member

    I have pay as you go and am outside the uk for long periods at a time. When i return to the UK vast sums of my credit is used up with auto updating of apps. I was on another forum which recommended an app which can completely turn them off (Although you keep getting an annoying message to say you are not connected) It saves a fortune. You cannot just use the phone to completely turn off all updating. Unfortunately my phone had a problem and went off to be fixed and came back without my app and i cannot remember what it was or which forum the advice came from.:(

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