How do I store my pictures on the sd card??Support

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  1. Bethbaby

    Bethbaby Active Member

    Ok folks, how do I do this??? I'm lost!! I have a few photos on my sd card but I cannot for the life of me figure out how I got them there!!! I've been looking everywhere in camera settings and sd card settings but it won't give me the option to store the pictures I take on the sd card!!:confused:
    Please can someone help me??? I cannot even find what is stored on it!! I don't even know if my music is on there!!


  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi Their :)

    1) Your Pictures are automatically stored to your SD card

    2) To access these you must plug the phone into a computer -> Drag down the White Notification Box and Click Mount Card -> The content's of your card is now viewable

    3) Once mounting your Card {step 2} go to "My Computer" you should now see something called "removable Drive". Double click it .

    Now go to the Folder "DCIM" then click the Camera Folder -> All your pictures & Video's are located Here.

    Hope this Helps!

    Carl C
  3. Bethbaby

    Bethbaby Active Member

    My photos are not automatically stored on the sd card. When I go to gallery it shows me all the pictures I have in Folders,... <all pictures, <camera pictures, <Camera videos, <download, <sdcard and <picsay. I'm sooo confused!! lol! I have over 250 pics in my gallery but only 12 are on my sd card. I can access all the pics too. Am I supposed to sync it with the pc or something??:confused:
  4. Bethbaby

    Bethbaby Active Member

    I may have confused myself... what I actually want is to be able to store all of my pictures on the sd card. As I said I've only got 12 pictures on it, the rest are stored in the phones memory, but I have no idea how to select the option to store them on there. Arrrrrgggggghhh!!!:eek:
  5. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi :)

    Have you actually tried my instructions in my previous Post? If you do you should see all of your photo's are actually in the DCIM folder and in the Relevant sub folder. Give it a try .

    Carl ;)
  6. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    BUMP as I'm not sure the OP has sorted it out :)
  7. Bethbaby

    Bethbaby Active Member

    Thanks Carl, I actually lost all my media by mistake because I accidentaly unmounted my sd card but when I uploaded media back on to the phone I guess it went onto the sd card. its just strange that when you open your gallery you have all these different folders and one of them is sd card on which it is showing only 1 at the moment!! Maybe it's because it wasn't taken by the phone's own camera?
  8. pandoy2

    pandoy2 New Member

    Hey just try to open the settings in camera/video and you will find the option where you want to store the pictures.
    hope it will help

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