How do I swap out the screen after purchasing a replacement?Support

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  1. TrumpetX

    TrumpetX Member

    I have searched Google, these forums and asked the shady Chinese website that I bought the screen from to no avail.

    Anyone have experience swapping the screen out for a new OEM one? Any guides/videos out there?


  2. TrumpetX

    TrumpetX Member

    It's no guide, but I eventually figured it out after watching videos of other Samsung phone screen replacements on youtube.

    Word of caution:
    The ribbon cable tears easily (I tore mine after I had to reopen it up after replacing the screen due to me not putting some screws in the right spot). Ticks me off, I had it working too :(

    Anyway, I ordered a new ribbon cable from China and will give this puppy another go in a month.

    The glue for the front of the screen is VERY THICK, use a hairdryer to loosen it up. It took me a good 20 minutes to get the screen off without breaking the plastic because I had to go so slow.
  3. j61101

    j61101 Well-Known Member

    Does your screen have the movement/dragging issue any more no that its replaced?
  4. TrumpetX

    TrumpetX Member

    I haven't had a chance to extensively test, but no - I do not believe that the touch sensitivity is fixed.

    I only had to replace the outer plastic shell, I did not replace the actual touch screen which sits just underneath the plastic.

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