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How do I sync my Samsung Galaxy S2 with my computer?Support

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  1. mhorne

    mhorne New Member


    Im new to android phones and I just got the samsung galaxy s2 lte for christmas. I've taken videos and pictures which I want to put onto my computer and I'd also like to load music onto the device.

    The phone didnt come with a CD or anything so I just plugged my device into my laptop and all that came up was 'found new hardware' and then it tells me to locate and install driver software. All that comes up in My Computer is 'removable disk'.

    I used to have the Blackberry and iPhone so when I plugged it in, everything was ready to go so now Im a little confused as to what to do.

    I clicked on the 'locate and install driver software' but I obviously dont have it. I went to the samsung website clicked on my phone and downloaded the software off of there which was called 'Kies'. Once downloaded, I plugged my phone into the computer and it just kept saying 'connecting', it never ended up connecting.

    I then tried the connection troubleshooting and it didnt do anything.

    Im not sure what else to do, I'd really like to use this device to its full capacity but Im having such a difficult time. If anyone can help me out I would be SO appreciative of your efforts.

    If it makes a difference, Im from Ontario and with a Canadian provider. Im pretty good when it comes to technology but obviously not too too savvy. I have a PC not a mac. Hope I've covered it all.

    - Megan

  2. darkuni

    darkuni Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Android .. where you aren't trapped into iTunes or other horrid software to get work done. :)

    Think of your phone as a big flash drive. You plug it in - you get a drive. Use WHATEVER TOOL YOU WANT to drag and drop or copy files on and off. No iTunes. No special tools.

    Use Windows Explorer. Use Total Commander. I am a huge Directory Opus fan.

    If you have to be in a cage to feel safe (sorry, that's the best way I can describe the need for software controlling your device - it isn't a feeling that I can personally identify with), there are tons of products out there to take the control away ... like DoubleTwist.

    My personal favorite way to access to my phone is over Wifi using File Expert. My phone becomes an FTP server and I copy files on and off with Directory Opus. Fast, effective - and no cables required.

    Hope that helps!
  3. The removable disk is where you want to go. When you plug it in via usb to your computer, it acts as a portable hard drive and connects with the usb.

    When you click on the removable disk, navigate to your camera or media folder (it varies per phone, but your videos will be in either of them) and you can simply drag and drop what you want to your computer.

    Some phones require you to select something along the lines of "Allow Mass Storage" to be able to access your sd/internal storage as a removable disk.

    I hope this helped. Enjoy!
  4. mhorne

    mhorne New Member

    Well, when I plug my phone in and the box pops up saying 'found new hardware' it says 'Windows needs to install driver software for your CDC serial' and then underneath it says 'your device will not function until you install driver software'

    That 'Kies' software I mentioned before is actually on my phone as well so Im assuming its like itunes for iphone? Its just not working for me.

    I clicked on the removable disk icon in My Computer and it says 'please insert disk'

    Essentially I cant to anything with my phone through my computer when its plugged in except charge it.

    Im still so lost :(
  5. Search for the latest driver for your phone on google. Then install it on your computer, after that, your computer will search for updated harware and you should be good to go after that. You might need to go to settings -> usb -> allow mass storage or something like that.
  6. darkuni

    darkuni Well-Known Member

  7. mhorne

    mhorne New Member

    is there one for a Galaxy S 2 LTE SGH-I727R ?
  8. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I never actually had to download any drivers actually. I think that's only necessary if you want to connect using MTP. Simplest is to connect via USB.

    Go to settings/Wireless & Network/USB

    Then tap the icon to connect the USB. Then and only then connect the USB cable. Another icon should appear on the phone. Just tap it and voila, your phone is a thumbdrive.

    You only need Kies and drivers for firmware updates, maybe for backup, and MTP. The MTP is where you can access the memory like a thumbdrive while having the phone working as well. But I think its not as good or stable as the first method.

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  9. s2user

    s2user Member

    It seems to me that Kies is notoriously unreliable, complicated to install, and buggy. I have tried it on two completely separate machines running XP and had very little success with either. Now I can't get it to run at all, so have basically given up with it. This leaves me with the problem of backing up my contacts, which I haven't worked out how to do yet.
  10. 3waygeek

    3waygeek Well-Known Member

    Take a look at My Phone Explorer in the Android Market; I use it to sync Outlook contact/calendar data as well as files. It can also sync via WiFi.
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  11. s2user

    s2user Member

    Thanks so much for the recommendation. I wish I'd known about this before I started messing about with Kies! This works just as you might expect, you install it, it works. Straight away.

    Now the question is: if FJ Software can do it, why is it so difficult for Samsung???

    Thanks again.
  12. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Kies has always worked for me.... generally. I do agree it is a bit of a hit and miss sometimes. But if you aren't interested in flashing via Odin, its the only way to get updates really.
  13. s2user

    s2user Member

    Kies installed, eventually, it took a long, long, time, but the phone would not connect. I reinstalled, rebooted, restarted the phone and managed to get it to connect. When it did, the contacts screen in Kies was corrupted but I did manage to edit the contacts. Then the machine blue screened, rebooted, started again, got the phone to connect, clicked on the contacts item on the left hand window - machine rebooted. Since then, on starting Kies the flash screen comes up, then a button in the task bar that does nothing, no context menu, no restore/minimize, just sits there and say 'Kies'.

    Luckily the phone itself behaves better, though parts are flaky. Some of the settings save only when they feel like it, and it still reboots itself periodically, though not as often as it used to when I had some apps on the SD card.

    I really think these guys have some work to do in order to compete properly with the other offerings currently in the marketplace.
  14. TBrewer613

    TBrewer613 New Member

    I'm in the same boat. I read the first post and I am suffering the same android shinanigans.

    This samsung is the first "touch screen" phone I've had; always preferring blackberry.

    Im computer savvy enough to never pay for anything and to have had a pretty good run for the last decade or so. But I cannot transfer excel files, music, or pictures to and from my Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. Ive tried Kies and it didnt work and I'm now a week without files essential to my job. Can anyone point me in the right direction??

    My blackberry worked so well, never had to fiddle around to delete a letter in the middle of a sentence...
    my blackberry never locked its buttons while I was on the phone....
    never had to search through my contacts to call someone.....
    never had to worry about scratching my screen when it fell between the seat of my car......
    and best of all, my blackberry always fit in my pocket.

    Tyler Brewer
  15. s2user

    s2user Member

    Tyler, The recommendation I got from this thread was for 'My Phone Explorer'.

    FJ Software Development

    It has worked flawlessly for me, and I have not bothered with Kies since.

    Best of all, it's free.

    I like Samsung as a brand, I have a Samsung TV as well as the S2. They perform well but in my opinion the software in both needs more TLC.
  16. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Its a lot easier to transfer files using the USB storage method. For GB, its in the Settings / Wireless&Network /USB Utilities and just do it from there....

  17. 1981

    1981 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. Could you please tell wat MTP stands for.
    So that means MTP method can be used to connect the phone to the computer with the phone functioning at the same time. While USB method is more stable but some functions not accessible? Just connecting the phone through USB enters in MTP mode rite. Thank you
  18. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Not sure what MTP stands for... maybe media transfer protocol or something like that. But anyway, that's how it works for me. With MTP connected, I can see a phone icon on my PC when I go to My Computer.

  19. mrsobi

    mrsobi New Member

    OMG! I cannot believe i have been struggling connecting my phone to the computer for so long and finally after endless hours of frustration where i follow every step they say and nothing works.........I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT. Thanks heaps Russell. Your easy steps made life so much easier for me. I am dumb when it comes to computers and phones and this was so easy for me.
  20. connectandroid

    connectandroid Well-Known Member

    I started using foldersync + google drive app and windows google drive app :)
  21. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

    I use Mobile Go, find it very easy to use either via USB or wirelessly, you can back up , restore , install apps etc
  22. timbaman

    timbaman New Member

    Hi Megan.

    in order to snyc you phone. connect with you usb cable and wait for it to connect. sometimes you need to remove to cable. from the computer, make sure you safely remove it. then plug it back in. this will always snyc the device! as its recognises that the connection has already been made.

    hope this helps.
  23. FromtheUK

    FromtheUK New Member

    Hi there. I've been reading many bits of advice on various forums and still got no where, despite downloading Kies etc. I finally managed to work it out (after several frustrating hours!) and can offer the following. I am in the UK tho, so maybe the settings are slightly different? But here goes:

    Firstly, do NOT plug in USB cable yet. On phone, go to Applications, Settings, Wireless & Network, USB Utilities which takes you to USB Mass Storage. Press the "Connect Storage to PC' option.

    Now insert the USB Cable. Nothing happened for a about 30 seconds as it appeared to be thinking (although you cant see this!). Eventually 'IPhotos' popped up on my computer, but still nothing. So I then clicked onto 'File' at top left hand corner of computer screen, then 'Import to Library'. A new box pops up. On left hand row it should come up with 'MY PHONE'. (or you may see a different name but still relates to your phone) Click on it and on the right hand side column you should be able to select 'DCIM'. Then click 'Import'....fingers crossed, but mine downloaded (although some of the videos only came up as pictures for some reason).

    When its finished, check your photos and rename your file, making sure they are definitely there before you delete them off your phone. Unplug USB. Good luck and I hope this work for you.

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