How do I sync my Sony X10 to my email calendar?Support

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  1. WifeofShrek

    WifeofShrek New Member

    Hello all you intelligent people. I am a novice.

    I have my first ever phone without buttons...Sony Experia X10i which i imported my contacts from my sim card. I have installed Sony Ericsson PC Companion on my computer and I managed to add new contacts by adding them on my pc and then sync-ing which updated the contacts on my phone! (I was proud of my achievment...did I mention novice :)!!)

    I use my calendar on my phone heaps and I was wondering if I can sync that to my Microsoft Outlook Express 2007 Calendar???

    I looked on the user guide but got confused.

    Thanks in advance from a Mum who is trying to catch up to her teenage children...:):)

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Hello from one Mum to another and welcome to the forum! I am Johnny come lately to the land of Android too and I have come even later to the world of the calendar on my phone.

    You don't give a location so that could impact on what you have preloaded on your phone. I am in the UK and my phone has Moxier mail on it and I believe that you can sync that with Outlook for mail and calendars with that. But as I say there are so many variations worldwide.

    I am using Google Calendar and have it synced to my phone, but this is new territory for me. I have carried a diary in my handbag for years uncounted but no longer!! I actually use a calendar app called Jorte which is nicer to look at and easier to use imho. I just love the fact that I can share calendars with my husband and we both know what the other is doing. I'm still at the new girl delighted stage, sad but true!

    Anyway I hope some of the others can add their opinions and that you find the right answers.
  3. WifeofShrek

    WifeofShrek New Member

    Sorry...I am from Australia. I have Moxier Mail but I didn't want to use my google account email/calendar. I only set that up when I got the phone and don't anticipate using it.
  4. charlyee

    charlyee Well-Known Member

    I use Google synch on my laptop to synch with my Outlook calendar. If you want to bypass Google calendar entirely, there are a number of. USB sync options that are rather expensive. I used Companion Link for a while.
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