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  1. cm123

    cm123 Member

    so i am completely new to this. the TB is my first smartphone and i figured out the basics, but still stuck on a few things. i've read in this forum on how to do screenshots, but i don't understand how to download and do all that (it's like reading a foreign language to me, even tho i've been trying to keep up with all your great info in these forums). isn't there a way just to take a picture of my screen with the phone itself? thanks in advance :)

  2. fillyo

    fillyo Well-Known Member

    Most screen shot apps require root. You can through ADB, but I can't help you there!
  3. cm123

    cm123 Member

    what's ADB?
  4. dyezak

    dyezak Well-Known Member

    Your question prompted me to figure this out. I got it working, so here goes:

    1. Download Android's SDK - HERE
    2. Unzip the SDK to the root of C:
    3. Download the HTC Sync tool - HERE
    4. Install the HTC Sync tool (you really only have to install the pre-requisites). This installs the T-Bolt ADB drivers.
    5. Prep your phone for an ADB connection.
    6. Go To Menu>Settings>Applications>Development and check the "USB Debugging" option
    7. Connect your phone to your computer via USB
    8. Launch a command prompt
    9. CD over to c:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\ and run ddms.bat
    10. Now in the java window that pops up select your phone
    11. Go to Device>Screen Capture

    There is your screenshot.
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  5. red66charger

    red66charger Well-Known Member

    I think I have a better shot attempting brain surgery...
  6. dyezak

    dyezak Well-Known Member

    If those directions are difficult...I don't want you operating on MY brain...;)
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  7. gsxrjohnny

    gsxrjohnny Active Member

    Is there a Sync tool for Mac?
  8. Nor*Cal

    Nor*Cal Well-Known Member

    That was funny...

    I think I would just take a picture of the screen with my digital camera. A lot easier.
  9. ECFfighter7232

    ECFfighter7232 Well-Known Member

    it looks a lot harder than it really it.
    we had to do the same thing with the droid X for the first week (or couple weeks, I cant remember) until we had root
    if you plan on rooting or running any roms in the future it may not be a bad idea to start getting used to android sdk now and adb now anyway lol
  10. asad126

    asad126 New Member

    Press your power lock button and your home button at the same time
  11. brtnygrn

    brtnygrn Well-Known Member

  12. metropolitim

    metropolitim Member

    That's how it works on iPhone, one of the very, very, very few things I miss about it. It slays me how much harder it is to do screenshots with the Tbolt...which I otherwise really love. Not that it's brain surgery, especially with the No Root version of Screenshot It, but no way it should require so many steps.

    Or am I missing something and you really CAN press two buttons at the same time and be done with it? I tried just for grins and it didn't work.....:cool:

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