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How do I take a screenshot since the update?

  1. digitalzombie

    digitalzombie Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I'm curious as to how I can take a screen grab of my non-rooted phone since the update killed the use of the ShootMe app. No, I'm not interested in rooting my phone just for this purpose.

    Ever since the OTA update a few of my entertainment apps (soundboards and the like with lots of text and buttons) are having major alignment issues and I'd like to show the developers what they're doing on the Evo.

  2. QuesoGrande

    QuesoGrande Well-Known Member

    Doh! I didn't even know my shoot me app was broken until I read this. I wonder why the 'small' update broke so many apps.
  3. Kelita

    Kelita Well-Known Member

  4. digitalzombie

    digitalzombie Well-Known Member

    So that's a "no". :(

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