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How do I take a screenshot with Android (HTC Hero specifically)?Support

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  1. Tikerz

    Tikerz Member

    For those who have rooted phones, I've been using a program called Drocap2 and it works great. It's in the Marketplace.

  2. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    Where do you download that from?
  3. 702DROID

    702DROID Well-Known Member

    not publicly available yet!:D
  4. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    Lucky you, will it be available on geekfor.me when it is?
  5. 702DROID

    702DROID Well-Known Member

  6. iadubber

    iadubber Member

    <rooted> I use android screencast to do screen shots. I just do a print screen on my computer and crop it down.
  7. geekinchief

    geekinchief New Member

    I tried this and the Dalvik Debug Monitor showed my HTC hero as present. However, when i went to capture screen shot, it kept saying "screen unavailable." Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  8. 702DROID

    702DROID Well-Known Member

    did you click on your phone in the list then try and do the screen capture
  9. geekinchief

    geekinchief New Member

    yes and the log showed activity on my phone too.
  10. droideris

    droideris Well-Known Member

    Which Eclipse version do I use? The download page has dozens.
  11. Archon810

    Archon810 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't matter. Use Classic if in doubt.
  12. Archon810

    Archon810 Well-Known Member

    Works like a charm. I love you :) Makes beautiful screenshots too.
  13. wagaboo

    wagaboo Member

    Will this work on the new updates?
  14. frijolito17

    frijolito17 New Member

    wats the name of the appp
  15. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

  16. nifortescue

    nifortescue New Member

    Thankyou daweav! The answer i was looking for!
    Very easy to follow and quick. I am using android 1.5
    So your phone doesnt have to be rooted after all, it just needs to be connected to a computer.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Screenshots just to show it works. The second one is a GPS track from a glider. The application is free and is called mytracks.

  17. Sona

    Sona Member

    Hey hiii ,Thank you so much for this coool thingy.
    I had tried this with 1.5 & it worked fab.
    Please tell me if this works with 2.1 upgrade? I tring after upgrading it to 2.1 & ddms.pak is not showing the device in names list :(...
    please suggest ...

    Thanks a ton.

  18. KeithW

    KeithW Member

    I was able to use this method with 2.1update-1 with no problems.

  19. Sona

    Sona Member

    Oooh really. Did you reinstall it or made any changes ? I am unable to view device in ddms screen :(
  20. Formsvacka

    Formsvacka Member

    I'm having a slight problem with the SDK method.
    I have an unrooted phone and I have no intention of rooting it, so I installet the SDK and the Java thingy and all that, but when I try to open ddm.bat the window is just open for a fraction of a second and then immediately closes again, which means that I can't get the screenshot.

    Any thoughts? I have a Hero with 2.1, and my computer runs on Windows 7.
  21. Gerard Cerchio

    Gerard Cerchio New Member

    My wife was not very happy installing a complete development environment on her laptop just for screen shots of our CircleCalc program. So I built a windows and a mac application that does the screen capture without rooting not all the software downloading and installing.

    It works on Windows and Mac and is easy to install, the installer took most of the time for the windows version. You only have to turn on USB debugging.

    You can get a free download demo at https://www.circlesoftapps.com/

  22. jimi_h

    jimi_h New Member

    Wait a second... Am I really understanding this correctly? In order to take a screen shot with your HTC android mobile phone, you need to use a computer? This doesn't make any sense what so ever. How come I seem to be the only one that is baffled regarding this strange requirement?

    I consider a smartphone to be a really portable mini computer of sorts, and to require a *second* computer in order to take a screen shot with that mini computer is simply idiotic. How come you guys think that this is perfectly good and normal?

    My opinion:
    It should be possible to take a screenshot with a non-rooted and non-"hacked" android phone, by simply installing some screenshot app from android market (if no such app is already pre-installed). And then that app should be able to save the screenshot as an image on the phone. I should be able to use the screenshot image directly, even without internet access, and for example send it as an MMS to someone.

    Iphone can do this. Why not Android/HTC phones?
    I have a HTC Gratia as my work phone. My private phone is still an old "dumb-phone", but I'm planning on buying a smartphone soon. But some minor annoying things with my work phone HTC, plus this news about screen shots makes me think I must re-evaluate the different smartphones out there.
  23. Gerard Cerchio

    Gerard Cerchio New Member


    I understand that future versions of Android may get the screen shot capability built in, but for now if you don't want to root your phone, you must use a computer and place your Android device into USB debugging mode.
  24. diego1749

    diego1749 New Member

    Formsvacka, I've got a video that lays this process out pretty simply. Try it at freewifiphonecalls.com. It's really very simple, but I understand that simple can seem complicated. I'm an e-dummy, so anyone should be able to do it.
  25. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    The short answer is no, you do not need a computer to take a screenshot with an HTC handset. You can root your handset and use one of many screenshot apps.

    Android has also built APIs into the lastest release, Android 2.3, that allow the ability to take a screenshot without rooting. App developers just need to alter their apps to take advantage of these new APIs while preserving the existing ones for people with older versions of Android that still need to root to take screenshots. Finally, some handsets, even with older versions of Android, like the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, can take screenshots even without rooting. There are a lot of options, and having options is always good.

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