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how do i take a screenshot?Support

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  1. joshm662

    joshm662 Well-Known Member

    i just got my HTC EVO V 4G and was curious on how to take a screenshot.. i have Android 4.0.3... please let me know.. i remember reading it being something simple like holding 2 buttons down or something.. please tell me.. thanks!

  2. geoid

    geoid Active Member

    Power + Home

    Edited this to reverse order of these.

    Power button must be pressed first and Home quickly afterward. No idea of the timing involved but I do it quick to not put into Sleep mode.

    Also not sure if it will capture the screen in everything.
  3. joshm662

    joshm662 Well-Known Member

    i held down both at the same time and nothing happened
  4. mydrdrcks

    mydrdrcks Member

    Press the Power button first, then a second after press the Home key...since the Power button on these phones is sorta hard to press sometimes..you have to be sure you are pressing it...It takes a few tries until you get it...Now I am a pro at taking screenshots!:D

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