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  1. JonKimJV

    JonKimJV Member

    Ok so we all know that the Skyrocket doesn't have the best battery. I was wondering what I could do to take care of mine. So far I know not to overcharge but what else should I know? Any tips on saving battery life without having to lessen the screen brightness? I know I should turn the GPS and stuff off but I'm looking for other stuff since it's already off. Thanks.

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    The main thing to watch is social app sync and Widgets

    GPS is only active when called upon

    Wifi constantly scans when not connected

    Many apps and Widgets like Facebook and weather update as frequently as every 15 mins unless you change the settings

    Rather than full min or max brightness consider auto

    If you don't need sync etc at all completely turn off data when not in use
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  3. JonKimJV

    JonKimJV Member

    Is there a way to completely turn off data ?

    My battery goes down by one like every 5 minutes

  4. millzz

    millzz Member

    to turn off data go to settings, wireless and network, mobile networks. If you uncheck "use packet data" it will turn off your data connection.

    I'm shocked at people getting such awful battery life from their phone. Maybe my expectations are lower but I get 3 hours of screen time per charge and that's more than enough for me to make it through the day. Charge your phone every day people. Heavy gaming will definitley tank the battery.

    Wifi whenever possible will help with battery drain while idle. Doing your syncs less often or only on WI-fi would help. Live use more battery.
  5. CaptAmerica24

    CaptAmerica24 New Member

    Sorry if this sounds unreasonable but this is my first time owning a smartphone (never had a keen interest in phones..). When I unchecked packet data, and then I went to turn it back on, it gave me this message saying that I might incur fees if I want to re-enable it...what does that mean? :confused: (Am I going to be charged more every time I turn it on/off?)
  6. duanedesign

    duanedesign New Member

    "you may incur additional charges" as opposed to not using your data network.
    It does not cost any extra to turn it on and off. They are just telling you that you are fixing to start using your Data Plan.
  7. toyota 2jz

    toyota 2jz Active Member

    mine it not bad at all ive turned off a few things but most importantly the brightness of the screen! its hard to turn it down due to the clarity of it though :D
  8. glock19er

    glock19er Member

    Go to the market and get juice defender. I get about 22 hours in between charges with medium use. A few phone calls, tons of texting/email and tons of wifi internet/YouTube usage. I charge the battery overnight.
  9. asevie

    asevie New Member

    Turn off wifi. If you live in an LTe city leave it off completely. I went from 10-12% drain per hour with wifi to 3% drain per hour with wifi off.
  10. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    I'm apparently a light user. I've turned most everything off that i find unnecessary and every night when i plug the phone in to charge I note the battery level. I've never seen it discharge to lower than 72%, so I think I can afford to turn some stuff back on. I'm going to try the WIFI on with it sleeping while the screen is off. I like the idea of using WIFI but rarely remember to turn it on for whatever brief task I'm performing. I have unlimited data but probably never approach 2G a month under normal circumstances. If I were to leave town I'm sure usage would increase dramatically.
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    keep us posted on your wifi results pwease

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