How do I Tether a Rooted Xperia X8

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  1. DunKONGx8

    DunKONGx8 Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm running 2.1 on my X8, Rooted it, in order to use the internet on my PC or Laptop.

    Has anyone Tethered an Xperia X8 befour???

    I have downloaded a Wifi tether app (called "wifi tether") from the market. When I launch the App an error msg tell's me "Sorry, but your kernel dose not have all necessary features for running this application."

    I would even be happy if I could use the USB cord, When I connect the cable there is no Tether option (only connect to pc or charge).

    Can somebody please tell me if It is easy to "upgrade" the kernel, OR how to Tether via USB cable.

    Thank you

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  2. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    look up this link
    <-- here

    cheers :)
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  3. DunKONGx8

    DunKONGx8 Member

    Cheers Gabeyong,
    I have looked at the post.
    I have pdaNET, I am using "Easy Tether" as we speak. Seem's to work better.

    Both (and all other) App's are VERY limited in freeware version. I can NOT afford, nor should pay, for tether ability. MOST other Android phones have the option to Tether when you plug a USB cable in. X8 has the hardware requirments. I will NEVER buy Sony Erricson again.
  4. DunKONGx8

    DunKONGx8 Member

    DONE IT!!!!
    Once rooted, download "Barnacle Wifi Tether" (google it, easy1). This app will load it's OWN drivers and actually use your phone as a modem. The charges on my account were as if I used this SIM card in my USB Dongle.

    To tether using USB, Little more work. You need not only a custom ROM, but a custom KERNEL. Many post's on this site about both.

    THIS IS THE ONLY 2 WAYS TO USE YOUR PHONE AS A USB MODEM. All other app's just use your phone credit as if you were browsing on your phone.

    Thank you.
  5. zunei55

    zunei55 New Member

    Barnacle wifi tether really work on my X8.... Woo ... Really thank you.
  6. ak84

    ak84 New Member

    i've rooted my x8 and used both the above apps, still wifi tethering not working. Ican't connect my ipad. Any help...

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