How do I turn off an app?

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  1. mwjr

    mwjr Active Member

    Really basic, dumb question from a noob: how do I turn off apps when I'm done using them, so I can save battery life?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    To save battery life just leave them alone.
  3. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    What do you mean exacly? What apps do you want to turn off to save battery life?

    The android system is made that some programs run in the background and when needed the system shuts them down to open some memory space.

    Basicly those apps running in the background won't affect you battery that much.
    Like for example if I close my brower it stays in the background when needed but it doesn't use any battery at all.

    You can easily check what uses your battery. Go to settings -> about phone -> Battery -> Battery usage

    (I'm sorry if those names don't match with those on your phone! I use dutch language :) )

    And trust me you don't need a task manager, you will only slow your system down!
  4. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    The prior posts are sound advice. It really isn't something you need to worry about in Android. It took me a while to get used to the concept, having dealt with Windows for so long and the way it handles applications. Don't bother with a task killer; they're more trouble than they're worth. Occasionally an app will misbehave and will need force closing, but I've seen it only a time or two. You might consider something like SystemPanelLite Task Manager - Android app on AppBrain that can provide useful information for general purposes and can still whack an app if the need arises.
  5. mwjr

    mwjr Active Member

    I was asking for the apps I open, like when I play a game or open up my email.

    I understand that Android does a good job of managing the memory in your phone, but I wasn't aware that it also manages battery life. I guess I'm so used to the concept of 'X-ing out' of Internet Explorer or Outlook or whatever program I'm using on my computer. I just assumed that the same concept would apply here.
  6. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    No you see, when you close your mail it will still search for incoming mails but it won't use any battery.

    It's the same with a game, just use the back button and you're good.
    It's there in the background 'if' you need it. If you don't it will eventually close it for other apps you might open. And it won't use any battery when in the background.

    If you use the home button when ingame it will still use battery, it's best that you allways go to the games main menu and then press the back button.

    EDIT: and if you think that something is still draining your battery, check it like I posted on my first post here. You can then see the app that is draining your battery and force close it.
  7. mwjr

    mwjr Active Member

    The main thing draining my battery is the Android System. For example - my phone has been on for 1 hour and 15 minutes and I've lost 18% of my battery. That seems quite excessive.

    Earlier this week went like 22 hours. Now since then I've added the Email and Calendar Widgets. Are those widgets using more battery than the apps in the background?
  8. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Have you looked at the battery info screen?
  9. mwjr

    mwjr Active Member

    Just to make sure we're on the same page. I go to Menu>Settings>About Phone>Battery>Battery Use, correct?

    It says that it's been 2 hours and 18 minutes since the phone's been unplugged, and I have 2 listings:
    • Android System - 98%
    • Cell standby - 2%
  10. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    98% for Android System?! Something's weird there...I've never seen it above maybe 10%. Can anyone explain why it would be so high?
  11. mwjr

    mwjr Active Member

    Yeah, that's what I thought, too.
  12. nybmx

    nybmx Well-Known Member

    Thats the amount of the amount (if that makes sense). Like if there were 15% total battery drained, 98% of that 15% is from the Android OS.
    Am I correct in this is how it is displayed?
  13. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    Some will run in the back ground consuming battery. Navigation is one. When you go to the home screen, it will continue to use GPS and track your location even with screen off. Google tracks runs in the back ground as well as other GPS based programs logging data, craigs list, etc. Those need to be closed out or exited, same as some streaming apps like slacker radio (even with screen off). However, most apps running in the back ground consuming battery will place an icon on the notification bar.
  14. BumAround

    BumAround Member

    Without trying to hijack this thread, I have a slightly off-topic question regarding app(s) running in the background:

    How do I know which app(s) using mobile data connection?

    Besides Google apps, which other app(s) are sending god-knows-what data off my phone to the internet w/o my permission? :)
  15. mwjr

    mwjr Active Member

    That's what I thought.

    So over the weekend, I decided to experiment. After a full charge, I removed my Mail Widget and my Calendar Widget. Got nearly 23 hours.

    Next day, once again with a full charge, I added the Mail and Calendar widgets back onto one of my screens. Still managed to get about 20 hours.

    I didn't charge my phone last night. I charged it for about 30 minutes in the car on the way to work today. Got out of the car to come into the office wat approximately 65% charge. I am now down to 5% after about 5.5 hours, that's a loss of almost 11% an hour. And it's only that good because I turned off my 3G about 1 1/2 hours ago. According to my battery info, my 2 biggest battery drains have been Cell Standby and Phone Idle.

    Would proximity to my company's server affect battery levels?

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