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How do I turn off Samsung screensaver?

  1. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

    After the latest Samsung system update I now have an annoying Samsung screensaver that comes up when there is no activity for a few minutes.

    I looked at my settings-wallpaper and tried changing a few things but that didn't help. Display doesn't seem to have anything relevant, either.

    I then looked under running applications and found a screensaver that I can stop. I did and I then went to the list of all apps and uninstalled this.

    First, where did this come from? I don't remember explicitly adding any screensaver to my tablet.

    Second, are there decent screensavers available that aren't as "intrusive" as the one Samsung provided to advertise their tablet to others?

    I don't like giving free advertising to others at my expense.



  2. BreezyBeach4u

    BreezyBeach4u New Member

    I just found the information....just go into the apps (look through your apps list for "Samsung Screensaver") and click on it and goes to main options...you'll see 'enable screensaver' and uncheck the box.

    Hope this helps.

    Yes I have the same issue and it's annoying. This is how I came across this site because I was looking for the same answer.

    I went to Settings and then into Applications Manager and clicked on 'App Info'.
    There's a button that says 'uninstall'.

    But I am trying to see if that is going to actually affect anything or not before I do this...So I'm going to keep searching the net to see if there's anything about this.

    And I am going to contact Samsung directly and see what they'll answer.
  3. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    Let us know what they say. Here's what I think happened. I've had a few
    Android updates and one of those probably came with that screensaver.

    It hasn't affected anything after I uninstalled it, so I don't miss it in any way.

    I also got into sounds and turned off system sounds. I don't need the noise when I'm starting up the tablet. I also keep the sound off most of the time since it isn't needed unless I'm using Eva Virtual Assistant (a great voice assistant program) or playing a game like Angry Birds (a rare thing).


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