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How do i turn off womens voice on my samsung Galaxy S ii???? Please HelpSupport

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  1. Connie84

    Connie84 New Member

    how do i turn off womans voice on samsung galaxy s ii for instance when i get call or email or msg she says the callers or txters name its soo annoying e.g " New msg from 353871234657 or 1 new email or Mary Caling" I need to turn it off as i have no privacy. :mad:

  2. lob

    lob Well-Known Member

    Settings> Voice input and output> Text to speech settings> Untick 'Driving Mode'

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  3. Connie84

    Connie84 New Member

    Thank you so much lob im new to this android stuff had a blackberry pearl last so its all new thanks again :)
  4. audiored

    audiored Member

    I wish there was an easy toggle shortcut that could be placed on the home screens. I like having this on while i'm driving but would be nice to turn on and off quickly as well.

    Right now I just leave it on all the time.
  5. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    audiored I use Tasker's native SMS reading function to do this automatically when I'm in the car, works great - you could also set up a Tasker toggle widget to do it.
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  6. Screech

    Screech Well-Known Member Contributor

    There is a widget that does this... I think it is called Voice
  7. Sydney-Droider

    Sydney-Droider New Member

    with the text to speech.

    If your phone reads out a phone number that you have in your phone and not the name.
    For example.
    0412 123 456 name Bradley it will read the number

    +61412123456 name Bradley it will read the name instead.

    +61 international for Australia. Replace for your country.
    Remove the 0 if first digit of your number.

    Will be good if when your phone is put on silent these messages are not read out. But be warning if you are in a play or movies with your phone on silent it will scream notices out full volume.

    Making you look like you didn't turn of or silence. Fix it Samsung

    Same with camera.

    Voice Talk. Will open the control panel for toggling on/off driving mode.
  8. android9191

    android9191 New Member

    i love android forums! it has the answers to all of my questions:D
  9. jrouhayem

    jrouhayem New Member

    "driving mode" is unticked in my phone yet it still says the name, numbers, messages... when i receive them. i tried putting it on, then off, restarting the phone, ticking always use my settings yet nothing is turning it off :S
    i appreciate the help cos its driving me crazy!!
  10. mje5270

    mje5270 New Member

    Just for kicks, you might wanna check out Accessibility under Settings to see if you somehow enabled Talkback. I did that a couple weeks ago and it drove me mad til I figured out what I'd done.

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