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  1. crackface

    crackface Well-Known Member

    OK, so I know this is prolly a totally stupid question, but I can't figure out how to turn on and off my 3G on this phone. My old GB Eris I could turn on and off the 3G by going to Settings | Wireless & Networks | Mobile Networks | and check/uncheck Data Enabled.

    On my D3, I go to same place, and there is no Data Enabled setting. Just Network Mode (set to CDMA), System Select, and 3 other options below that are grayed out.

    I've tried Extended Controls, SwitchPro, and DataSwitch, and none of them appear to work (hit button, button highlights, but even after waiting no 3G).

    So I'm stupid and can't figure out how the hell to turn my 3G on and off!!


  2. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    Extended Controls kills my 3g as needed, you may want to be sure your clicking on the right icon. The option has been removed from the standard menu settings.
  3. HockeyMom19

    HockeyMom19 Member

    Settings - Battery and data manager - Data delivery
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  4. crackface

    crackface Well-Known Member

    Thx for the replies. Vz lady helped me find the setting right where HockeyMom said it was, but oddly it wasn't turning my 3G on and off. Rep was about to send me new phone and I asked if we could try reset to default first....which worked. So now to figure out what I did when I was installing/configuring stuff that broke 3G.....

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