How Do I UNBRICK my Samsung Fascinate?

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  1. nyCxSEanyxD

    nyCxSEanyxD New Member

    I tried to root my samsung fascinate and now its bricked and it wont even turn on... I can pull the battery and go into download mode, but all the other forums have links that are broken!!! help me:( ive been trying to fix this for literally 6 hours! detailed instructions and valid links will be very helpful! btw i have the stock gingerbread android 2.3.5 that verizon updated

  2. BDogg718k

    BDogg718k Well-Known Member

  3. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

    Easiest and less painful way is [HOW TO] Return to Stock (EH03 Gingerbread).

    Essentially you're going to ODIN back to stock ROM and then you can root and whatnot afterwards. Has helped me countless times of messing up, whether it was bootloops, bricking, or sheer confusion.
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  4. kvandagriff

    kvandagriff Member

    ^ This saved me earlier. Thanks!
  5. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

    Glad to have helped. Don't forget to flash the latest and greatest AOKP Jelly Bean ROM. Looks very clean and smooth.
  6. wrksnfx

    wrksnfx New Member

    Thanks for the link you saved my sanity!
  7. mrcblake

    mrcblake New Member

    You are good if you can get into the download mode. I had the same problem and fixed at this site [How to] Unbrick Samsung Android Phones with One Click [Guide]

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