How do I uninstall apps that came with my streak?Support

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  1. JSchwabII

    JSchwabII New Member

    I got a Dell Streak. I like it, though some of the apps it came with are not what I want. I go to setting to uninstall them and the uninstall option is not highlighted or not there. How can I get rid of these apps so I can make room for the ones I want?

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum!
    These apps are installed in ROM, so they don't occupy any space used for user installations and also user can't delete them (of course if they got update, it will be installed in user memory). If you want to remove them (I've also removed plenty of useless stuff from my phone), you need to root your phone and uninstall like described in this post :
  3. malc

    malc Member

    If you don't want to root you can choose to hide them. This can be done using various Launcher replacements. I use GO Launcher and you can choose to hide those unwanted apps so you never have to see them again!

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