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  1. brokenpinkempress

    brokenpinkempress New Member

    I have a Kyocera Zio unit that has been locked due to too many unsuccessful pattern attempts. The unit did not come with a manual and Kyocera reps will not provide any or do not know how 2 reset it I need to factory reset it, does anyone know how this can be done?

  2. electric.insect

    electric.insect New Member

    I am told, that to do a factory reset,try the following...

    With the phone off, hold down the volume up, send, and trackball buttons at the same time. Power on the phone while holding these keys. It should start a reset. I can not verify this, mostly because I don't want to reset my phone. ;) Try the Zclusive! group on Facebook for more info.
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  3. djisia87

    djisia87 Member

    Did somebody try this?

    Press Volume Up > Press Camera > Press END Key

    Scroll to Full Factory Data Reset using Voluem Down Key.

    Press track ball then Press track Ball Again.
  4. PaolaS

    PaolaS New Member

    it has been a pain in the butt to try to unblock this phone! Customer service was absolutely rude and reps at stores had no idea how to do it ughhhh sooo frustruatingggggg
  5. Jennecide

    Jennecide New Member

    It doesnt seem to work it is stuck and doesnt boot. I dont know how th o open the android from command prompt to type in fastboot -w?

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