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How do I unlock or (root) my htc aria?

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  1. peraknowya

    peraknowya New Member

    Hello all...I just recently purchased my Aria not to long ago and so far I like it...it seems to be a pretty decent phone thus far, I want to unlock my phone so that I can enjoy all the benefit of having a rooted device. I just dont know how...ive done some research on the matter but just keep getting the run around ;-( Does anybody have a any clear and simple answers on how I can go about doing this to my phone? Thanks in advance :)

  2. Graceflanger

    Graceflanger Well-Known Member

    Best thing to do is follow the instructions in the link I will post. If you are having any problems there is an IRC link in the thread starters name, attn1. Go there and they can help you if you are having problems.

    How to root the HTC Aria - xda-developers
  3. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    Just as a heads up rooting and unlocking are two different things

    rooting is kinda like giving you an admin acct on a computer

    unlocking allows your phone to work on other networks besides AT&T (T-Mobile orange etc)

    what your interested in seems to be rooting, so that link grace gave you is good. Also check out the sticky at the top of this forum for some good starting points. hope this helps!
  4. AKlawyerboy

    AKlawyerboy Member

    sorry for hijacking the thread with my own question.
    but is rooting acceptable? do AT&T and HTC have any problems with you rooting your phone?
  5. ganeesh

    ganeesh New Member

    I got the unlock code and instructions for HTC Aria mobile from here www.mobile-unlocker.com at reasonable cost and unlock it successfully from network lock.....If you want,you can get it from here...for more details visit here
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