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How do i update a Milestone 2 from SingaporeSupport

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  1. spdude1

    spdude1 Member


    I live in London UK and bought a Milestone 2 from Ebay and found on the net that the latest update for it is 2.4.24. But my phone is only 2.2 so tried updating through software updater from Motorola website but it says that the phone is uptodate. Got suspicious and called their customer service and they informed me that since my handset is from Singapore (the ebay guy must be buying them cheap from there) it cant get the update 2.4.24 as it is available to European handsets only.

    I would like to update my phone to 2.4.24...pls help out lads all your ideas and tricks are welcome..???

    Thanks in advance..!!:D

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    2.4.24 is not really 2.4, it is 2.2.2.

    Here are all the SBF files you can flash. UK has 2.4.24

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