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  1. _taylornicole

    _taylornicole New Member

    I'm not very tech savy just letting you know.
    I got the Eve April 2010, so I'm assuming it's one of the first ones?
    Is there an EASY way to upgrade it?
    and if I can upgrade it, will it delete everything?

    I'm with Rogers by the way

  2. call em and see when you can get the goods
  3. AmazonAnnie

    AmazonAnnie Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Eve Forum on AndroidForums. There are a few things you can do to update your phone. Rogers has a version of Android (1.6) for the Eve which you can update using the software provided by LG.

    If you feel a bit inclined there is a way of updating to Android 2.2 but... I would suggest a little background in computers and a sense of fearlessness. :) I haven't had too many troubles but others have. You can read some of the discussion on this forum and the full details on

    OpenEtna Forum - Index

    There are also instructions on Rooting you phone here in the Eve discussions.
  4. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    it is pretty easy to do the upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6 thru the lg updater website IF you read properly the step by step document.
    If you don't read it, it will be a pain in the butt.

    Will it delete everything?? Yes!
    So my suggestion is to get the app Astro and backup everything on your sd card.
    there is also an app to backup your contact to your sd card or you can sync them with your google account.

    Once you upgrade to 1.6 just re-download astro and re-install your apps.
  5. vaanduikle

    vaanduikle New Member

    i just downloaded the firmware update from the lg website but theres no difference in my phone?

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