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  1. mugabuga

    mugabuga Member

    Like the title says. How can I watch YouTube in HD?

  2. Unforgiven

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    For my YouTube on my phone, there is a little HQ listed at the left end of the progress bar, I just click it to get the HD version. I will verify on my wife's fire when I get home.
  3. That's how it is on my Incredible too, but for the Fire, your best bet is to download the CM7 Barebones ROM. This ROM has been working great for me so far. Except for the usual FC's of Google Framework, but I'm still trying to find the latest :p You just need to download the YouTube Android app and your good to go :)
  4. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    If you haven't figured it out yet, open the YouTube app and tap the menu button on the device hardkeys, then tap settings and put a check inside the first checkbox at the top. Keep in mind that startup may take a little longer.
  5. biker99b

    biker99b Member

    The HDMI connection on my Android is way to small. The HDMI cable will not connect to it, or I could view any U-Tube on the TV.

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