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  1. clp80

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    I have just recieved my new Zenithink Tablet...with no instruction at all...and am prob. being very blond, but I cannot connect it to my laptop to put music, PDF books etc onto it, ( the whole reason I bought it). I have the cable connected to both machines but no luck,

    Can anyone help?

  2. gtpdjw

    gtpdjw Well-Known Member

    Go to the Android market on your tablet and download wireless file transfer pro it free when it is done go to that app app and run it next get on your laptop and open the browser go to the address bar and type the address that the app tells you then you cant copy form tablet to pc or pc to tablet
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  3. clp80

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    Thats Great, Thank you very much ...Finally managed to get something onto the tablet.
  4. phyll34

    phyll34 New Member

    I need help bad i have a chinese tablet that is stuck on the android green robot screen I tried to press reset and nothing happens it has a blue light and i need it to reflash so it cango to the main screen i got it from a company called mayways china electronics its a 7" inch tablet build number is V.1.1.1

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