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How do to cancel a download?Support

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  1. geekdw

    geekdw New Member

    I can't figure out how to cancel a video file I've been downloading. It's just taking so long... I tried opening the notifications and pressing menu but there's nothing to press to cancel.

  2. PhantomTrace

    PhantomTrace Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but as of now there is no confirmed way of canceling any download process.
  3. cary328is

    cary328is Well-Known Member

    If you're in the stock browser, hit menu then more. select Downloads then highlight the one you want to cancel. I think you can long press it then select cancel. I just had to do this a few minutes ago
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  4. Iamonline

    Iamonline New Member

    Thank you, I had a download sitting there for ages and it was really getting on my nerves!
  5. chhaya

    chhaya New Member

    How to cancel incomplete download in Android ?

    Go to main launcher screen > menu button > Settings > Applications > Manage applications> “All” tab > Select “Market” from the list > Clear cache and then Clear data.

    Solution 2: Click or touch on download manager and Clear cache and then Clear data or “Force stop” the application.
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  6. wutzthedeal

    wutzthedeal New Member

  7. TheIndianNish

    TheIndianNish New Member

    @chhaya: Thank you, it was really helpful, keep on helping...
  8. shadowprince

    shadowprince New Member

    Yeah I have seen this problem recently with a friend who just brought his cell yesterday and i was myself a bit confused too to find the trick. But in the end i found the way. All you have to do is to go to Settings -> Applications --> Manage Applications --> Running Tab. There search for 'Download Manager' and stop it. Thats all.

    Your problem solved.:D

    P.S: his phone was LG Optimus One.:eek:
  9. arjun andrardy

    arjun andrardy New Member

    Open ur browser More->downloads-> tab cancel,,, this works
  10. jorsal

    jorsal New Member

    I had the same issue, where i had a ongoing download from my browser that I just couldn't clear from the notification area. I tried everything, including restarting the phone, clearing the cache of the Android browser, Google Chrome Browser, I tried as well to keep my finger pressed on the download, no reaction. checked in the Downloads in both browsers where it didn't appear.
    No way to stop the ever ongoing download. And it apparently drained my battery quite a lot, when it kept on trying to download.

    Finally i got it to stop. The reason was, that my USB storage was full. I deleted a few files, and the download completed and can now be cleared.
    Just wanted to write it here in case someone else is googling this problem.
  11. Sethide

    Sethide New Member

    Settings/Apps/All/Download Manager/Force stop
    Worked for me.
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  12. scotjam

    scotjam New Member

    Jorsal - thanks so much. None of the other solutions worked, so thanks for taking the time to post yours!!!

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