How do to change message tone on Samsung Galaxy S CaptivateSupport

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  1. Janinka

    Janinka New Member

    I've tried to look up a way to change the text message tone but all I can find are ways to change the notification ringtone, so how do I change the ringtone for text messages? I've checked in sound and display but it's not in there. tx.

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  2. KritikSS

    KritikSS Active Member

    Open your Messages. On the list of sent and received messages, where it gives the option for "new message", press menu. Select settings, scroll to the bottom and select select ring tone. This should directly change sounds for just SMS.

    Hope this helpds!
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  3. J.Rawand

    J.Rawand Member

    thank you.
  4. Martymm

    Martymm New Member

    Thanks! This helped a lot! I spent ages searching for this option:)
  5. gabbeyc09

    gabbeyc09 New Member

    This info did help! Thanks!! Been looking through my phone to change that feature for weeks now, but can you also do this for each of your contacts separately???
  6. tarius

    tarius Member

    When looking at a contact, hit the option to edit their info. (the one left of the home key, shaped like a house, when looking at a contact.) May I suggest the Zedge app?

    Hope this helps.
  7. granbjd22

    granbjd22 New Member

    I have this phone.and can not find any way to put in my OWN NOTIFICATION sounds? (text). It keeps going back to the default sound. Samsung finally got back to me and said" you can not add your own Notification sound on this phone". I think this is stupid and wrong. Captivate is such a nice Android phone and one Should be able to put in your own sounds for like receiving text messages. @ KritikSS: are you saying for every contact I'd have to go through and set that sound for each? and this will be a sound then for Texts?--not a ringtone?
  8. thinknoffcente

    thinknoffcente New Member

    i'm on gingerbread 2.3.3, so I don't know if this will work with stock 2.2(froyo), but....go into your text message app (not into one of the actual messages themselves) where you would select the option to create. hit menu>settings>select ringtone (all the way at the bottom), and you can select a ringtone that you downloaded or copied to your sd card.
  9. dudefoundit

    dudefoundit New Member

    Was just looking into this and you have to copy it directly onto your phone's SD card, not an external. I found a folder like Card > Media > Audio > Notification sounds. Or something like that. Just put the audio file in there and I had it on my phone. Share thy knowledge!
  10. another kiwi

    another kiwi New Member

    thanks for your answer, worked well

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