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How do you carry your slide

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  1. bugger

    bugger Well-Known Member

    How do you carry your phone? As of right now, I have screen protector (that came with it) and I put it in an old belt clip case. I was thinking about getting a hard black ruberized case from amzer, but I am not sure. Do you keep you phone in a case, snap on, naked? Do you carry in your pocket, belt, etc...?
    If carrying in your pocket, is the screen overly sensitive to scracthes, etc.. My buddy as an eris and that screen seems like it would be very hard to scratch.

    Just curious as to how everyone carries they phone.

  2. Xian

    Xian Member

    naked in my back pocket.
  3. topper4004

    topper4004 Member

    screen protector, naked, back left pocket.
  4. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    Original screen protector (until full Skinomi TechSkin arrives), naked, in front left pocket. All other change, keys, etc, gets carried in other pockets, only the Slide goes in this one.
  5. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    Original Screen protector,, naked in my pocket . for now...
  6. Lafgr8

    Lafgr8 Member

    I carry mine naked and in my pocket, unfortunately!
    Does anyone know when seidio, or otterbox will come out with some cases for the slide?
  7. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    Screen protector and naked in front left (alone!) :p
  8. bugger

    bugger Well-Known Member

    wow, seems like belt clips/holsters are a thing of the past! I kinda feel weird now for using one!!! lol
  9. plainbrad

    plainbrad Well-Known Member

    Me too.
  10. topper4004

    topper4004 Member

    I talked to an otterbox rep and said that they didnt have in plans for making one for the slide but where thinking about doing so due to popular demand. I hope they do... there are no other cases on par with otterbox imo.
  11. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    lmfao...Belt clip??? Wow nerd alert!! J/k
    Exaqtion likes this.
  12. nvillamob

    nvillamob Well-Known Member

    front left pocket...no screen protector...no case...right next to my wallet
  13. bugger

    bugger Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say nerd!!! Maybe I am just not cool anymore!!! LOL
    Belt clips seem much more convenient then a pocket where it could get damaged. It seems I am too worried about it, because a lot of people seem to use nothing and just put it in the pocket. I dont have anything against that, i am just more worried about damaging the screen. Are the screens scratch resistant at all? my buddy has a droid and his screen seems like there is a hard plastic over it where it would prevent it from getting scratched without some serious effort behind it to scratch it.
  14. Kittyfae

    Kittyfae Well-Known Member

    Ghost armor on the screen, then in the MT3G LE pouch, then in a pocket. :p
  15. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    I carry my slide like I like to carry my ladies, naked and extended lol. sorry i just had to say something lol.
  16. AutoSortX

    AutoSortX Well-Known Member

    screen protector and naked!!
  17. bugger

    bugger Well-Known Member

    I was out today looking for a case but no one has any. I think i may just go with a horizontal belt clip. I am not really big on just putting it in my pocket. I never have really been a fan on that. I hate having to dedicate a pocket to it. At least on a belt clip I dont have to worry as much about banging it, etc... just seems like it could get broken easier in the pocket.
    I guess I will be one of the few people that still use a belt clip! lol
  18. Robinelli

    Robinelli Well-Known Member

    I got a $7 (microsuede?) cloth bag from TMobile. I put it in that and then keep it in my front pocket. I am annoyed at the lack of cool cases!!!
  19. bugger

    bugger Well-Known Member

    Yeah from my understanding, well according to the sales reps at tmobile, all the accessories for the slide have been delayed and should be arriving in stores on or around the 15th. Everything from gels, skins, cases, extra batteries, etc... They said they should be getting in the full line of accessorries like they carry for the regular mytouch.
    I guess I'll wait and see.
  20. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    Use invisible shield...phone looks naked and will stand up against even abuse from a dremil tool...google it and check out the vids. Little pricey though so I'll tell you a secret buy it direct from their website and use promo code "youmobile" for 20% off. Don't know if one for slide is out yet but if not it will be soon!
  21. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    Just Checked their website. Looks like it is available for the slide.
  22. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    I was just about to post that I still didn't see it as being available when I found it. I'd been looking at their dropdown of available models which doesn't list the Slide, but using their other search tool shows it. I already ordered a full-body skin from Skinomi, but based on reviews I might have gone for the Invisible Shield instead... (Not that the TechSkin got bad reviews, just that the Invisible Shield got lots of good ones) Oh well, the Skinomi has a lifetime warranty so it can't be bad right? :p

    Zagg Invisible Shield

    Skinomi TechSkin
  23. bugger

    bugger Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a universal belt clip/pouch (horizontal) from a Tmobile store for $20. Should suite me just fine!
  24. troyd879

    troyd879 New Member

    I carry mine in an original G1 microfiber case. I have been a believer in the case ever since my g1 survived falling off of my truck going down the road with almost no damage...
  25. derek22

    derek22 New Member

    Still waiting for gel skin but ,for now it goes in my pocket

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