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  1. DeepCrush

    DeepCrush New Member

    I just got an HTC DNA and it looks great but can't figure out how to configure the proxy settings on this thing..

    I had a Thunderbolt before this, and it was a snap to change the proxy settings under the settings , but it seems the option has disappeared on the DNA.?.?

    Any help or advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!


  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    Go to the list of WiFi networks, long press on the WiFi ssid, click on "Modify network", then check the box for "Show advanced options", then click on "Proxy settings".
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  3. DeepCrush

    DeepCrush New Member

    Oh that was obvious! ;)

    Thanks!!! :)

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