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  1. jbotellojr86

    jbotellojr86 Member

    I recently downloaded ringtones from and i want to delete a few of them. Where are they located? How do I get to them? How do I delete them?

  2. Watashi

    Watashi Well-Known Member

    You may need to get a file manager to see them search the market for OI file manager and look on the sd card in the DCIM folder for a ringtones folder.
  3. jbotellojr86

    jbotellojr86 Member

    I have tried two file managers and I can not find the ringtones in any folder. if I goto ring tones on the phone they are there an play.
  4. twisters364

    twisters364 New Member

    I have the same problem too. The ringtone is not on the sd card, I plugged it in my computer and it is no where to be found. But every time I go into ringtones through settings, there it is. I cannot find it anywhere to delete it. I tired using Linda File Manager and Astro and neither worked. please help!!!
  5. justin.tae

    justin.tae Member

    Settings>Applications>Mangage Applications>DRM Protected Content Storage Then press Clear Data

  6. jbotellojr86

    jbotellojr86 Member

    Thank You Thank you Thank You
  7. justin.tae

    justin.tae Member

    You're welcome. I know it's driving a lot of people help out the people who don't know! :)
  8. leafers1384

    leafers1384 New Member

    Help! Not seeing the DRM protected content storage?
  9. Reef Girl

    Reef Girl New Member

    I tried Clear Data but didn't work on my Droid 2. The unwanted ringtones still show up under Settings. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help!
  10. djtx1

    djtx1 New Member

    I know! Same here. But I figured it out. They're leaving out a critical step. Follow this...

    Settings>Applications>Mangage Applications>

    Now once in Applications click menu and you'll see 'Sort By Size' and 'Filter'. Select 'Filter' and then select 'All' instead of 'Downloaded' (the default). You should now be able to see DRM Protected Content Storage and then be able to press Clear Data. This is what finally worked for me!
  11. italiansoxgirl25

    italiansoxgirl25 New Member

    Did not work for me. having the same prob only I have 6 of the same ringtones and want to delete all one. Still. I powered off my phone also, and the ringtones are still there. maybe i need to dl an app to remove them?
  12. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    Just did it and it worked for me. The only problem is that it deletes all the ringtones I downloaded from Myxer. You can't pick and choose which ones to delete and which ones to keep.
  13. jakobcdo

    jakobcdo New Member

    i tried it and before i did it a window popped up and said will delete all messages, files, accounts, databases and so on ...plzz explain wat that means and wat will it delete?
  14. bookie1

    bookie1 New Member

    im at drm protected content storage and i dont see clear all .. somebody please write back.
  15. bookie1

    bookie1 New Member

    oh i have a samesung fascinate

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