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  1. ken-doh

    ken-doh Active Member


    I have a Note 2. Love it, but a few issues. it has a really annoying flashing blue led notification. How can I disable this? I have turned off all the LED notifications and it still remains :(

  2. BleedingPurist

    BleedingPurist Well-Known Member

    Are you new to Android? Why would you disable the LED notifications when you would just dismiss the notification from the notification bar to stop it. Facebook uses a blue notification... it will stop blinking when you either tap the notification to go to it, or swipe it to the side to clear it.

    Coming from iPhone?
  3. ken-doh

    ken-doh Active Member

    My phone sits by my bed at night so I do not want a flashing LED. I can turn the screen over but that is not ideal. I want the notifications in the tool bar when the screen is active but I am not fussed about a notification at 3am of a gmail :)

    and I have had an HTC Hero - S2 and now Note 2 :) Love the Android :)
  4. R4nd0mJ0k3r

    R4nd0mJ0k3r Well-Known Member

    Settings --> Display --> LED Indicator
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  5. pyl

    pyl New Member

    I meant "blinks" not "blicks". (I was unable to change the title)

    I am having the same issue with my Note 2. I have unchecked all the LED indicators in Setting -- Display -- LED indicator, but blue LED light still blinks when there are new notifications. I had uninstalled suspected apps, Profile scheduler and Yahoo mail, the problem didn't go away. Does anyone have any clue?
  6. slipmagt

    slipmagt Well-Known Member

    Ive noticed with some of the default settings on light flow, just dismissing the notification doesnt stop the LED, it wanted me to actually view the emails. I changed that setting and now just pulling down the notification bar that stopped the notification.
  7. captnkid

    captnkid New Member

    Disregard my last post... wrong.
  8. emily306

    emily306 New Member

    I just bought the samsung note 2 about a week ago. my problem is the opposite - i guess when i get text messages, the LED light just stays on, it does NOT blink. i'd rather it blinked? any one know why this might be? i currently do not have any apps installed that are related to LED lighting....
  9. mafac

    mafac Active Member

    I see that the notification light uses different colors for different notifications... anyone do a chart yet? (blue='s email, white _='s im, etc)
  10. Phieziem

    Phieziem New Member

    I have just come from iphone and love the note 2 a lot, seems a huge leap forward from my iphone 4.

    my problem is that i get the notification sound for both emails and text messages, is it possible to disable it for emails and just have it for texts ?

    If any of you guys would put together an idiots guide to the Note 2 I would happily pay a tenner for it, probably along with lots of other people !
  11. xaelith

    xaelith Well-Known Member

    What email app are you using (K9, Gmail, stock, Hotmail, to name a few)? The where and how of the notifications settings depends greatly on what app you're using to catch and view your emails.
  12. Twinkling82

    Twinkling82 New Member

    You should be able to have different sounds. Go into your phone, choose system message sound, this will be for your sms and probably mms's as well. Now, jump into your gmail app, hit the menu button (the lower left button that's OFF the screen) and a pop up menu will appear, and then look in the settings, there should be a setting for sound.

    Same goes for other apps, I can't remember if I have fiddled with my e-mail sound yet.

    Yesterday my Light Flow app stopped working, and I was close to thinking it was the LED light that popped. But rebooting the phone quickly showed me the LED was working fine. I need to re-download it, it's pretty useful to know at a glance if anything important has happened.
  13. psychdoc1956

    psychdoc1956 New Member

    Uncheck box at settings> display> led indicator > notifications
  14. jap11scot

    jap11scot Member

    wonder why I do not get flashing light when I get an amail (Gmail) also only sound notification
    Can anyone advise?
  15. eytamazita

    eytamazita New Member

    i've has check my email... then set up the setting,... finally the blue light has stopped.. hahaha now i can sleep with my pleasure.. :) thanks.. <3:p:):):D:D
  16. amberseattle

    amberseattle New Member

    if you go into your emails, the settings for them, then yes u can disable notifications for them, including the light.
  17. amberseattle

    amberseattle New Member

    go to your emails, get into your settings and you can turn off notifications. Your texts have nothing to do with this so do worry about not getting those notifications
  18. murphy751

    murphy751 New Member

    I have an s4 and have been trying to figure out why the blue light flashes when the phone is sleeping. I came across Samsung website telling me it's when the voice recorder is on while screen off! Yup.. not surprising

    Even more odd, I was talking about this yesterday for a while. Today Google now shows me the weather, and then "why is my blue light flashing on my galaxy..." article link. U mm ya..

    Is it just me or does everyone feel like their damn phone is always doing things it shouldn't? How many of you really trust it with so much personal data and no control over the permissions besides all or none?

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