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How do you get 1080p playback using microHDMI?

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  1. MichaelWhisk

    MichaelWhisk New Member

    Excuse my inexperience, I've never really tried anything of this sort before. Whenever I plug my microHDMI cable from my OG Atrix 4G and play a video, It plays at 960x540 on my TV although it is a 47'' HDTV (I'm running CM10 and just using straight mirroring, don't have an app or anything). Is there a simple way (or if it's harder link me to a tutorial pleases) to copy 1080p mp4 files to my phone and play them back on my TV at that resolution? The other problem is that my sound doesn't come across to the TV speakers, it is just on my phone.

    Thoughts and helpful comments?

  2. MichaelWhisk

    MichaelWhisk New Member


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